video of the week 0202
02 Feb 2012

Video of the Week ❤ “Epic Frog”

This minute and a half video is some of the best cinematography that I’ve seen. If they filmed all National Geographic specials in this manner, I’d be a fan for life. Watch this “epic” video and I bet you’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire time. lol.

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video of the week 0119
19 Jan 2012

Video of the Week ❤ My Twins Dancing On Beat to ASAP Rocky

This video has gone the most “viral” out of all of the cute little family videos I’ve ever posted. I posted this on Youtube on Sunday and it already has close to 100 hits. That’s HUGE for us. We’re famous. lol! Let me just say for the record that I

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video of the week 0111
12 Jan 2012

Video of the Week ❤ Carousel Horse Race

  This video is awesome. It definitely put a smile on my face. Improv at its finest. Only in New York could something like this happen and everyone be cool with it. “…and here comes the frog!” I was cracking up. Oh, and the kid at the end?… Absolutely adorable.

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video of the week 0405
05 Jan 2012

Video of the Week ❤ This Girl Can Saaang

I found this and was immediately struck by two things: one, I really wish I spoke another language, and two, this girl can sang! I always love seeing kids with talent. It amazes me when big voices come out of small people.    

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video of the week 1228
29 Dec 2011

Video of the Week ❤ Don Cherry’s Piano Desk

This video is hilarious. I don’t watch hockey, but Mr. Cherry has made me a new fan. His flamboyant outfit is fantastic and his piano desk is the coolest thing ever. If you needed a laugh today, you’ll definitely have one from this well-timed video.      

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video of the week 1222
22 Dec 2011

Video of the Week ❤ Lego Christmas

This video is hella cute. This actually came out last year, but is something that should be watched every holiday if you ask me. Lego people have Christmas too! lol.

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video of the week 1020
20 Oct 2011

Video of the Week! ❤ Everything’s Amazing.. Nobody’s Happy

  This video had me cracking up. Comedian Louis CK puts life into perspective in a four minute interview with Conan. (My eighties babies will be extra tickled when he talks about the rotary phone.)   To submit your video or idea for Video of the Week, email us at

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beyonce fake
13 Oct 2011

Video of the Week! ❤ Beyonce’s Fake Baby Bump??

Okay so this is the first that I’ve heard about this. Conspiracy theorist gone wild. Watch the video below to see Beyonce’s baby gut allegedly ‘deflate’ as she sits down. WTF? First of all, why would she fake a pregnancy? As adamant as she was about not getting pregnant before

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video of the week webcam 101
06 Oct 2011

Video of the Week! ❤ ‘Web Cam 101 For Seniors’

A couple from northwestern Oregon who are Internet newbies have found themselves the unwitting subjects of an instant viral video, thanks to a little help from a grandkid.

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ari hair
30 Sep 2011

Why I Can’t Die Before My Kids Are Grown…

So, I asked the Fiance to videotape me doing my daughter’s hair. I only attempt a hairdo on her about once a week; and from the video, you can see why. When her hair is complete, I’m usually frustrated and drenched with sweat. When I’m done, she usually heads for

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video of the week creative
29 Sep 2011

Video of the Week! ❤ ‘Creative Genius’

This one I chose as a homage to all of my creative thinkers out there. As a graphic artist myself, I’m always looking for things to inspire me and get my juices flowing. I thought this video was hot. Got me wondering… Why in the heck couldn’t I think of

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