16 Jan 2014

Brooklyn Teacher Becomes a Viral Sensation with Awesome Breakdancing Skills – Video of the Week

This is a teacher that I would have LOVED to have back in high school… 41-year-old Michael Satira of Bishop Ford High School in Brooklyn, New York decided to show off his dope breakdancing skills to his students one day. His aim was simply to “better relate” to the kids;

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09 Jan 2014

3 Brothers Get In Some Bonding Time by Creating Larger Than Life Snow Sculptures – Video of the Week

For the third year in a row, Minnesota brothers, Trevor, Austin, and Connor Bartz, have braved the frigged Midwestern temperatures to create a mammoth snow sculpture in their front yard. This year, they tackled a 10 foot tall shark – complete with razor sharp teeth and a sinister grin. The Bartz

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16 May 2013

‘Sulfur Hexafluoride Blooper’ | Video of the Week

I sure needed this laugh. This hidden gem of a blooper video came out over five years ago and has just begun to gain popularity – And rightfully so. Grab the kiddies and prepare yourselves for a hilarious science lesson. A professor, by the name of Lance Lund, was asked

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18 Apr 2013

‘Dove Real Beauty Sketches’: Inspirational or Not? You Decide | Video of the Week

Dove recently launched an ad campaign that really caught my attention. Here’s the premise: Women are their own worst beauty critics. Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. At Dove, we are committed to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. So,

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bedtime bandit
04 Apr 2013

‘2-year-old Bedtime Bandit’: Video of the Week

This video resonated with me, of course, because of my own 2-year-olds. (Yes, to my newbs, that plural was intentional. I have twins.) Although I can’t imagine my own twins being this industrious, the fact that their little minds are capable of such diabolical feats tickles me. Watch as this

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21 Mar 2013

“Let’s Move” An Adorable Kid Friendly Music Video Inspired by Michelle Obama | Video of the Week

In this day and age of “hot in the pants” tweens and “sit on your butt all day playing video games madness” this group of positive siblings are a breath of fresh air. Meet Prince Nefew, a boy – who accompanied by his three younger siblings – has made it

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28 Feb 2013

‘2-year-old Dancing the Jive’ | Video of the Week

This adorable video has been circulating around the net for awhile. It had apparently flown under We Got Kidz’ hyper-sensitive, cute video loving radar, so when I finally came across it, I just had to share. You know there’s two things we can appreciate around these parts, and that’s dancing

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14 Feb 2013

‘Kid’s React to Valentine’s Day’ | Video of the Week

Don’t you just love kids and their innocence? It’s a beautiful thing that I wish they could maintain forever. recently captured 25 kids in all of their innocent glory by questioning them on everything love. From dating and marriage to affection and babies these kids give some refreshing perspectives

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kid president pep talk
31 Jan 2013

‘A Pep Talk from Kid President to You’ | Video of the Week – This kid is awesome! Strike that. This kid’s PARENTS are awesome!

Meet Robbie – a 9-year-old internet sensation and self-proclaimed “voice of his generation”. He’s the “Kid President” and his videos are the newest to strike internet gold. For almost a year Robbie has been spouting the mantra of “Don’t be a party. Be a party” in a string of inspirational

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laughing baby
24 Jan 2013

‘Baby Girl Laughs Uncontrollably’ – The last laughing baby video you ever need to see | Video of the Week

You’ve seen one laughing baby video, you think you’ve seen them all. You won’t think so after watching this adorable baby girl almost bust a gut at watching her dad feed the dog popcorn. (Don’t you miss the days when you were this easily amused?) You’d have to have a

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im daddy and i know it
10 Jan 2013

‘I’m a Daddy and I Know It’ – The Newest LMFAO Parody to Become a Viral Sensation | Video of the Week

Here’s yet another awesome parenting parody music video that’s taken the internet by storm. This one is brought to you by Utah native Chad Morton who goes by the snazzy name of “DaddyCrazy5” on YouTube. (Not sure what’s up with all of these viral parenting videos coming out of Utah…

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