13 Aug 2015

Natural Hair Kids Product Review! Aunt Jackie’s Girls [Video]

The kind folks over at Aunt Jackie’s sent us their full line of Girls products for us to try. Of course we were eager to test them out and share our results with you guys. Check out this super cute video outlining how to use the products and our fabulous

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20 Aug 2014

Cute Family SOL REPUBLIC Deck Review – Bluetooth Wireless Speaker [Video]

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07 Aug 2014 Family Video YouTube Series Trailer

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24 Jul 2014

A Turned Up Atlanta Summer with the We Got Kidz Crew [Video]

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18 Jun 2014

Wash Day Natural Hair Kids: Facts and a Super Cute Video Tutorial

It’s wash day for my baby girl! Since my natural hair kids series has been doing so well, I decided to share how I wash my curly kid’s hair. Wash day has become a huge deal in the natural hair community. If you peruse any popular social network, you’ll find

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wash day cover
18 May 2014

The Cutest Natural Hair Wash Day Tutorial EVER — Natural Hair Kids

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featured 5-16 v2
15 May 2014

We Got Kidz Long Lost Family Video Footage You’ve Just Got to See

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08 Apr 2014

Family Fun at the Georgia Aquarium: 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Visit to a Tourist Attraction

  The time for spring break is upon us, and soon after that we’ll be heading into summer vacations. Now is the time that many families will be traveling to cool destinations, visiting huge attractions, and making memories that the kids will carry with them forever. If you’re not heading

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18 Feb 2014

A Late Holiday Update, Some Choice Words, and a 3-year-old Bully | We Got Kidz Exclusive Video

You all have publicly and privately admonished me for not having put out a video in months. I’m sorry people! I’m a lazy busy person! My New Years resolution was to do better with my YouTube videos; so we’ll see how that goes. In this little piece of “family video”

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04 Nov 2013

Why New Werther’s Original Caramel Popcorn Should Be In Your Pantry Right Now – We Got Kidz Video

  We Got Kidz has done their first commercial!… Well sort of. My friends over at Werther’s Original have an awesome caramel popcorn that’s new on the scene this fall. They wanted to know what We Got Kidz thought about it, so they sent us a bag for review and

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23 Oct 2013

Mommy’s Day at Home: What (NOT) to do When Your Kids are Gone for the Day – We Got Kidz Exclusive Video

eing that I’m a stay-at-home mom of two little ones, I rarely get the opportunity to be completely alone. Sure, I get a little down time late at night when everyone’s in bed, and sure, I’ve turned my bathroom time into my mini, sacred little moment of meditation; but it

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