twin toddlers and the great outdoors
23 Jul 2012

Twin Toddlers and the Great Outdoors: So Adorable It Hurts [Video]

You would think that by having twin toddlers, outside time with them would be full of exciting things: playing tag, hide-and-go-seek, building a fort or two… Well maybe not a fort. Apparently, at 19 months of age, they haven’t quite mastered the art of “constructive partner play”. Leaves blowing in

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29 Jun 2012

Check Out These Twins Displaying Some Serious Night Time Cuteness – Guaranteed You’ll Say ‘Aw’ [Video]

I’m sure I’m not the only parent with toddlers that has the occasional issues at bedtime. The husband and I try snacks, baths, annoying kid videos, books, and even a cocktail or two, (for me of course, not the kids) but sometimes nothing seems to work. You lie them down,

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zoo atlanta
08 Jun 2012

“Shady Heat, Backpack Leashes, and Killer Goats” – We Got Kidz Does Zoo Atlanta [Video]

Last week I got the opportunity to take my twin tots on an outing. The poor little boogers are coming to an age where the same old toys and tiny condo don’t intrigue them as much anymore. They’ve explored every crack and crevice that there is to explore and have

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mommy migraine
25 May 2012

“Mommy Has A Migraine”… This is Hilarious [Video]

Oh what a wonderful family I have o_O Watch how one simple migraine can cause all sorts of living room shenanigans.  

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08 May 2012

Watch My 17 Month Old Twins Reason With Each Other During Their First Fight – Pure Comedy [Video]

My twin tots are pretty reasonable little people. They fight on occasion, but not excessively so. On this particular occasion my son Jaxon decided to try and talk things out with his sister. Watch the comedy ensue.  

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dogwood festival
24 Apr 2012

Fresh Cuts, Stimulating Walks, and Ferocious Funnel Cakes – We Got Kidz Goes to the Dogwood Festival [Video]

According to Oprah, (because she knows everything) family outings help break up boredom and can, more often than not, promise tons of learning and loads of laughter. I happen to live by the “family outings are awesome” philosophy and make it a point to drag my family out on one

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ari hair
30 Sep 2011

Why I Can’t Die Before My Kids Are Grown…

So, I asked the Fiance to videotape me doing my daughter’s hair. I only attempt a hairdo on her about once a week; and from the video, you can see why. When her hair is complete, I’m usually frustrated and drenched with sweat. When I’m done, she usually heads for

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