This celebrity feature will have you cracking up. New York-based pop artist Danny Evans has put together this absolutely hilarious photo series entitled Planet Hiltron. In it, he gives his creative interpretation of what the biggest names in Hollywood would look like if they were everyday normal peeps. It’s actually fun to see celebrities stripped of their glamorous facades and made to look like your average Aunt Betty or your cat loving 2nd cousin Frieda.

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From a fur wearing Nicki Minaj to a polyester dress sporting Angelina Jolie, you’ll definitely get a kick out of Danny’s celebrity incarnations.

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BeFunky_the simpsons
BeFunky_the pitts
BeFunky_the carters
BeFunky_nicole richie
BeFunky_nicki minaj
BeFunky_mary kate and ashley
BeFunky_johnny depp
BeFunky_jessica simpson
BeFunky_jennifer lopez
BeFunky_jennifer aniston
BeFunky_britney spears
BeFunky_gweneth paltrow


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