Conversations at the water coolers this week are undoubtedly about Charlie Sheen who yet again committed an unacceptable act of distasteful word vomiting. In an interview Monday on Good Morning America, Charlie Sheen professed that while he feels lucky to still be around, he no longer believes in rehab and admitted that he still drinks alcohol. He then got rhetorical and asked reporter Elizabeth Vargas “Well who doesn’t [drink]?”

In another recent interview Sheen also admitted to using a little pot for sleep and stress “because it’s legal”; which I have to say I’m a little confused about given that the last time I checked, marijuana was only legal in California if it’s prescribed by a doctor. Not sure what doctor in their right mind would “prescribe” Charlie Sheen marijuana – go figure.

Not surprisingly, Charlies statements didn’t sit very well with recovering addicts around the country. Ben Levenson, CEO and co-founder of Origins Recovery Centers (and a recovered addict himself) stated:

“Charlie Sheen’s statements this morning are dangerous and could quite possibly lead to deadly ramifications for addicts across the nation. Clearly, he is no poster boy for recovery and one of the last people an addict should take advice from. If Mr. Sheen wants to promote his new show, great, but, I respectfully ask that he does not make blatantly false statements about addicts being able to successfully drink alcohol. For a real addict, eventually there’s a syringe or pill or pipe at the bottom of every bottle of booze.”

An exasperated Levenson continues:

“If he wants to continue living his life of privilege in the delusion that he can drink and not fall back to his drug of choice, so be it, but, for any real addict, there isn’t an ‘off’ switch. This is the reason why there is no such thing as dabbling in pot and alcohol; it is simply not possible for an addict to control the types and quantities of drugs they take. If any addict uses Charlie Sheen statements as advice or views him as a role model because he’s famous…they will face horrible consequences.”

Amen Ben! With so many people on Charlie Sheen’s notorious “winning” band wagon there’s bound to be a few impressionable addictive personalities who will wrongfully take Charlie’s statements for truisms. Charlie, I’m in agreeance with Mr. Levenson, if you want to promote your show, have at it; but don’t drag others into your delusional web of grandeur and misguidance.

For your continued reckless behavior and your annoying attempts at trying to make your actions appear rational, Charlie Sheen, we crown you our Celebrity NON Role Model of the Week.
I’m amazed you have yet to suffer the same unfortunate fate as Whitney and Amy. SLOW DOWN dude.

Tune in next week to get the good, the bad, and the ugly on another celebrity you love… or love to hate.


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