Check Out This 6-Year-Old Breakdancer and Prepare to Be Impressed [Video]



Meet La Terra – The mini break dancing dynamo who will have you clamoring to enroll your little one into the next hip hop dance class. She’s amazing, and she’s recently taken the internet by storm after showcasing her spectacular breakdancing skills in a recent breakdance battle over in Paris.

Terra was competing in the Baby Battle division (how cute) of the Chelles Battle Pro competition, a platform for dance crews to showcase up-and-coming b-boys and b-girls who pose as potential threats in battles to come. It was held last weekend in a small suburb of Paris.

Terra’s particular dance group is called the Soul Mavericks, and they’ve become quite famous since Terra slayed her much older opponent. She won “Best Dancer of the Baby Battle“, and after you watch the video, you’ll see why.

We love some dancing kids.

Author: Kesha of We Got Kidz

Kesha Chisholm Phillips is currently a part time graphic artist and the full time writer and editor of and You'll find her all around the web sharing her parenting journey which includes everything from hilarious family videos to her refreshing takes on what it means to raise children today. Kesha currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her lovely husband and twins AJ and Jax.

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