I’ve  stumbled upon these plush toys quite a few times on the net and was curious to learn what the story was behind these peculiar creations. I did some investigating and found a crafty lady by the name of Wendy Tsao behind it all.

The idea for Wendy’s plush toys came from her simply wanting to create a “recognizable comfort toy” for her then 4-year-old son based on one of his drawings. Already a naturally crafty individual, she easily created a stuffed animal completely capturing the essence of her son’s drawing. The toy was such a hit with him and others who saw it, her simple idea ended up turning into a successful home-based business where she creates one of a kind plush keepsakes for kids all around the world.

The idea is absolutely amazing. What kind of kid wouldn’t want to see their drawing come to life in such a permanent and tangible way? It’s a worthy investment – having a keepsake created that can be in the family for ages.

Her business is in fact SO successful, that she’s currently not taking any new orders at this time; but check out her website to get connected with other super creative individuals who can help you create a similar toy that I’m sure you kid will love.

childs own studio plush toy 1
childs own studio plush toy 2
childs own studio plush toy 3
childs own studio plush toy 4
childs own studio plush toy 5
childs own studio plush toy 6
childs own studio plush toy 7
childs own studio plush toy 8

© All images of softies, with the exception of Softiemaker Showcase, were photographed by Wendy Tsao.



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    This is so incredibly cute– what a great concept!

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