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I don’t think that I will have officially joined the ranks of parenthood until I’ve survived my first Christmas. I have fond memories of the anticipation and excitement I felt every Christmas Eve as a child – anxious to see what was under the tree. I’m eager to begin creating those same memories for my twins… but what in the heck do I buy?

They’re at a funny age now where they’re intrigued by cardboard boxes and tampon wrappers, so expensive elaborate toys aren’t ideal; but I want to make their first real Christmas special. (Last year didn’t really count because they were only a couple of weeks old – little baby blobs without much personality. Now they have spark and little distinctive personalities all their own.) My Jaxon is a “man’s man” and loves to “drive” things across the kitchen floor from his toy cars to even his favorite book. Now those of you who follow know that I’m an internet maniac and can find the coolest most interesting things online. I came across this site called Tesco Direct. It’s a cool little site laid out with convenience and money saving in mind. There I found the perfect gift for Jaxon, a sit and ride toy that I know he’ll love.

Now for my Ari who has become quite the little dancing diva, I found the Fijit Friends Interactive Figure in Purple. This thing recognizes over 30 keywords and responds to you with over 150 phrases. You put on your favorite tune and it dances with you. I can’t wait to see her dancing and singing with it.

With some other little stocking-stuffers and small gifts, I’m sure that this will be a pretty awesome Christmas for my tots.

By all means check out Tesco Direct and if you get that Fijit Friends Interactive Figure, let me know how you like it. Send a pic too and We Got Kidz will feature it.

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