Mommy's little robot. Love the T's

He was just as uncomfortable as he looks.

Okay so having a son has brought many discoveries thus far – Winky points down in diapers for instance. That was a hard lesson learned. I’ve also discovered that most baby boy clothes are um… flamboyant – for lack of a better word. I’m sure a lot of you will agree. Little boys fashion is limited to dinosaur applique’s and plaid coveralls (sorry Aunt Katrese). I’m trying to raise a man – Dinosaurs and fuzzy monsters are not conducive to that. Yes, he’s a little boy; and I’m all about some cuteness. Take his robot t-shirt for instance – cute, but not nauseatingly so.

So please – If you ever want to contribute to my son’s wardrobe, exclude the zebra-riding-a-tricycle T’s and stick with the basics.


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  1. […] hand, saw the ultimate “slow kid” lying on the floor and was wondering if buying him only name brand clothing would help deflect some of the teasing he’d be sure to receive. I began to just accept […]

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