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So many of these top dollar Mommy Bloggers talk about how they don’t do product reviews and such. I’m not really sure why, because one: it gets you free stuff, and two: it gives your reader the opportunity to see how someone else fared with a particular product before they take the plunge and buy it themselves. I see it as a win win… but maybe I’m just unrefined like that… don’t judge.

With all of that being said, I was recently approached by a very sweet entrepreneur Mom who wanted me to review her product. The product was for a baby item called the Bottle Sling. Simply stated, it’s a cute little fabric contraption that holds a bottle in place when attached to your baby carrier – Sort of like an extra hand to help with feedings.
I know what you’re saying… You’ve always been told that that wasn’t a good idea. Propping bottles could pose a choking risk. Well the way that the product is designed, it seems to have baby’s safety at the forefront. I’m not even going to lie. Two months after the twins were born and I had to return to the daily grind, mornings proved to be hard. Will would be long gone to work, and I really didn’t have the time to hold a bottle in place for the fifteen to twenty minutes that it took the twins to eat. I got very crafty at folding a blanket so that it would prop the bottle up just so. They were always within a few feet of me, and I made sure to keep a close eye on them. Everything was fine. I would’ve killed to have the Bottle Sling around to be that extra “hand” that I needed.

Now being that this was my very first requested product review, I was very excited, but I was faced with one huge obvious dilemma: My kids are at a point where they can hold their own bottles. They can practically use chopsticks now. (Not really, but you get the point.) The Bottle Sling would be unnecessary for me to use on my twins. I quickly implored the efforts of a friend of a friend named Ebony who had recently had a beautiful baby girl.
The first thing that struck us both was the whole idea of the Bottle Sling. We both had the ‘now why didn’t I think of that?’ moment. We were also excited about the way that it had been packaged. It came neatly folded, and enclosed with the sling was a colorful brochure that gave a brief description of the product. It gave the whole company a very legitimate and professional feel. (Which is I’m sure what they were going for. lol.) Unfortunately, the brochure didn’t really detail how to attach the product to different carriers. Now if you have an internet connection, you can reference the beautiful Bottle Sling website and see colorful photos detailing how to place it on various carriers… Ebony (like so many others in this tough economy) doesn’t have the internet, so proper placement was hard for her to decipher alone on her “Z”-shaped carrier. More detailed literature would have been perfect.

The Bottle Sling boasts the ability to fit any sized bottle. It comes with an additional snap to use if you need to utilize it with a bottle that’s angled. Although secure, the bottle holder on the sling could have used some sort of rubber reinforcement or “grippers” in order to keep the bottle a little more stable.

All in all, the makers of the Bottle Sling have a good thing going but may need to revisit some very minor details. Based off of all of this, would I have bought this product? Hell yeah. I would’ve welcomed any product that would have given me an extra hand in feeding my twin newborns while getting ready in the morning. I’m not Super Mom, and never aspired to be. Bottle Slings would’ve been welcome, and very much appreciated… Even if I had to do some adjusting to make it work 😉

Be sure to check it out!
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