There is no denying that the best way to eat well is to spend time carefully preparing each of our meals at home, weighing nutritional value, caloric, fat and sodium contents and so on. Yeah, right. Unless we experience a shift in the space-time continuum and find ourselves back in the 50’s, that’s not going to happen – at least not every night of the week. People are just too busy. Even kids are busy these days.

Thankfully, there are ways that you can eat well even when you’re on the move. Many fast food restaurants now offer healthy fast food choice options. Flip through to see six examples of meals to enjoy in top restaurants that are fast, affordable and still nutritious.

6 Healthy Fast Food Choices


While Wendy’s does offer an abundance of less than healthy options, it does have a few low calorie menu items that are also very nutritious.

A great suggestion when eating at Wendy’s is to skip the meal options and instead eat from the side orders. A baked potato with low fat sour cream can be great option with little fat and few calories.

To add fiber and protein, enjoy a small order of chili full of lean beef and beans. What’s more, Wendy’s offers several salad choices. Order your chicken grilled if possible and low-calorie dressing and you’re good to go.


Although the golden arches does have a number of high fat breakfast items on the menu, there is a great alternative for those who want plenty of protein in a convenient package. The McDonald’s Egg McMuffin consists of an English muffin, a slice of Canadian bacon and freshly cooked eggs. Have this instead of the Sausage Biscuit and get more protein with two hundred fewer calories.

Try splitting an orange juice with a friend. Pour your half over ice and enjoy!


Sometimes nothing will satisfy your craving better than an actual burger. If salads or chicken won’t cut it, then indulge in a delicious burger from Burger King without blowing your caloric budget. The Whopper Junior boasts a thick beef patty and is less than three hundred calories. (They say it’s because it’s flame-broiled. This jury is still out on that one.


This fast food chain has one of the healthiest dining options on its menu. The Grilled Chicken Salad comes in at just 240 calories without sacrificing taste or quality. Enjoy grilled strips of chicken breast, fresh lettuce and veggies in the salad. Unlike some chains, this calorie count includes the entire serving of salad dressing, which is low in fat and calories as well.

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The Colonel created his biscuits, fried chicken and mashed potatoes to tempt you, but the new KFC offers a simple, low-calorie option to help you resist: the Honey Barbecue Sandwich. Full of hearty and filling protein, this sandwich will deliver on taste and flavor thanks to the sweet thick sauce. As a bonus, the sandwich is affordable and has just six grams of fat. Skip the sides and pair the sandwich with a diet coke or a bottle of water.


When dining in Taco Bell, the most important thing to do is to order from the Baja Fresh Menu. This menu offers items full of flavor without the extra calories. Most Baja Fresh items take out the cheese and sour cream, both of which are high in fat and calories, and substitute them with a refreshing salsa with nutritious onions, tomatoes and cilantro.

Indulge in two Fresco-Style crunchy tacos from the Baja Fresh menu for a surprisingly low three hundred calories.

So next time you find yourself hungry and on the go, remember you’ve got friends in fast food.


Karen Boyarsky is an advertising copywriter who has ordered dinner into the office many, many times.  She writes for a site she loves using to find local Delivery Chinese Restaurants using their Delivery NYC Order directories.



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  3. MelindaLWMF
    May 22, 2012 at 6:51 am — Reply

    we know it's so hard to eat healthy while we are out so we just do our best and simply avoid some places we know don't offer anything of any value to our health.

    • May 22, 2012 at 7:02 am — Reply

      Girl, my hats off to you for that. I'm weak, and these places are EVERYWHERE! lol. So when I break down and hit up a known "not very healthy" establishment, I just try to choose as healthy of an option as I can. This list helps!
      Thank you for commenting! 🙂

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