It’s Celebrity Wednesday once again here at We Got Kidz, and I have some juicy photos to share.

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I’m not one to nit pick… Okay, well maybe I am; but I just can’t help but to feel just a teensy bit better about my shortcomings when I see certain usually flawless celebrities at their worst. It’s nice to know that “Little Ms. (or Mr.) Perfect” can have some bad days too.

If you feel the same, flip through and enjoy some of Hollywood’s hottest in some not so flattering moments.

When cameras are around, celebrities need to remember to put their best face forward - as Mel B. proves in this cringe worthy photo.

When you become famous, your past could very easily come back to haunt you.
Yes, that's platinum selling "gangsta" rapper The Game getting shot down rather harshly on "Change of Heart".
I'm embarrassed for him.
You're supposed to be a gangsta not a lover.

Although beautiful, I guess she's not beyond wardrobe malfunctions. Eva Longoria was, I'm sure, mortified when she saw this photo of her expensive dress with a noticeable hole in the pit.

I did a mini cheer after seeing this one. The seemingly always put together Kim Kardashian was obviously putting her deodorant to good use based off of the stains on her dress.

Here is yet another sweaty moment from a beautiful celeb. Cameron Diaz seemed to be feeling the heat while posing at a red carpet event.

No one really knew what to think of this infamous lip lock between Lil' Wayne and his mentor Baby.
Gangstas kiss each other on the mouth??

Leann Rimes must have been digging for gold while cruising one afternoon through L.A.
Did you forget that you are a celebrity sweetie? The public eats that sort of stuff up... Not literally though. Yuck.

It seems Alicia Keys may need to consider wearing some longer shorts until she can tone her thighs up a bit.
I know, I know, babies tend to do awful things to a body, but I don't think everyone needs to see these battle wounds.

This woman may need to invest in some full length body suits.
Janice Dickinson rocks her oddly wrinkled legs proudly while attending a red carpet event.



  1. May 31, 2012 at 6:06 am — Reply

    Kiss it out like a thug. Love it. Also? Who replaced Janice's legs with wrinkly baby arms? Sometimes sweat pants really are the right choice!

    [email protected] The Ramblings

    • May 31, 2012 at 6:10 am — Reply

       Ha! Love it! Thanks for stopping by Tori 🙂

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