We’re getting down to the wire. You’ve got Dad’s gift from you taken care of, but what about the kid’s? What should they get dad?

Kiddie Academy has got you covered! They’ve gone to the trouble of creating a free printable coupon book that kids can easily create with a little help from mom.

With a fun, “manly” design, the coupons feature super cute activities for children to complete for dad.

“I will brush my teeth – without faking it, Dad can tell”

boasts one coupon. And

“I will load the dishwasher – or wash them by hand like the Pilgrims”

another hilariously states.


The last coupon provides space for your child to add a personal promise to Dad. Even if you already have the perfect present picked out, these kid-centered coupons would be a nice addition that Dads will definitely appreciate.


Simply hit the button below to grab the printable coupons and print them on standard printer paper. After printing, cut them out and have your son or daughter help you assemble the coupons into a book using a few staples; or punch holes and bind the coupon book with twine. You can even try leaving them loose and slipping them into dad’s card. No advanced Pinterest degree required for this project!


Printable Father’s Day Coupons



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