A lthough everyone may not acknowledge it, being a stay at home mom is a tough full time job. I put in overtime every week cooking every day, washing clothes, picking up toys, and most importantly… playing with, and aiding in the development of my twin tots.

My children are able to entertain themselves plenty. They’ve got a built in playmate in one another, and they’ve got a few regular games like “hiding mommy’s cell phone” and “let’s grab food off of mommy and daddy’s plate”. Mmm, what fun – But in order to aid in making sure that they get in some constructive play that’s not so… destructive, I’m always in search of simple games to play with them. Games that are not only fun, but that can aid in their development as well.

Here are just a few of my favorites that I’ve either made up or found on the web and modified. (If you don’t have 1-year-olds, feel free to play some of these games by yourself… but don’t let anyone catch you doing it.)


3 Games for a 1 year old

1 year old games pinnocio

We’ve all done this one at one point or another in our childhood. Now it’s time to share the joy of make believe with the kiddies.

What to do:
Pretend that their favorite doll or stuffed animal is real. Make it walk, talk, watch TV, have a martini… well maybe not that one, but you get the picture. Make it come to life.

What it does:
All of the talking and conversation surrounding the “live” toy will give your child a better understanding of language. Taking it a step further and acting out happy and sad times as well will aid in helping your child understand emotions and feelings.

1 year old games cereal bracelet

This one is cute and perfect to do with your little princess.

What to do:
Get some o-shaped cereal and spread them on a highchair tray or sturdy table. Get a short sturdy string, [Not too long of course. Strangling is not a good look.] and help your little girl thread the o-cereal onto the string. Tie it around her wrist, and have fun comparing it to a bracelet that you have on.

What it does:
Your little girl will feel like a little diva and the whole activity is perfect for helping to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

1 year old games little collector

My twins love doing this.

What to do:
Grab a pail, or bucket and head outside to take a walk. Help your little ones collect the cool objects they find along the way like rocks, leaves, or pine-cones. Describe each item as you place it in the container. They’ll love carrying their finds around. Granted, the container may end up empty a few times along the way due to the constant dumping, but it’ll be fun to start over and collect new things.

What it does:
This activity helps develop their dexterity, hand movements, and language skills.

Hope these get you started. If you’ve got a good toddler activity to add, feel free to share in the comments. Have fun!



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    Great simple ideas for entertaining toddlers!

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