When Christmas day came, you were probably inundated with tons of spare wrapping paper, boxes from toys, scraps of ribbon, and various other colorful bits and bobs. It can be easy to stuff it all in a bin or bag and just throw it away; but the leftover bits and bobs can be a great start to a craft box for kids.

Come a month or so down the line, when the novelty of the new toys has worn off, your young kids will love getting their hands dirty and making some awesome things with the stuff left over.

Read on for two awesome post Christmas kids craft ideas:

Card Cars!

If you have anything that has come wrapped up in a large cardboard box, (big enough for your child to sit in), then you have the base for a super fun card-car hotrod. Using paints, paper plates and as many other things you can think of you can cut and stick whatever you like on your box. Try cutting the box up, or even using more than one to make different and fun designs. Why not go for a pink flowery one for a girl or even add a cardboard spoiler for your little boy racer?

Image via SmallFryBlog.com

Image via SmallFryBlog.com

You can use the same principle to make trains, whether they can be stood up in and walked around, or box after box on the floor to make a train for a tea party, for example. The ideas can be endless!

Cardboard Themed Parties


Image via DeborahsExpressions.com

Whether you have a little boy who wants his friends over for a birthday party or sleepover, or a little lady – all kids will love a themed party. Exciting, fun and their friends will love it too. Decorating a room with cardboard, streamers, bunting, party popper strings (don’t let kids set them off themselves) and you can set the scene for almost any event.


Image via TheLifeofSuz.Blogspot.com

Paint on cardboard and stick cut outs on walls and tables to make stage props to transform a room. For example, stick a blue drape over a wall and paint a cardboard castle to go over it. This can turn a plain room into a King Arthur worthy feast (you dressed as a dragon optional), or a hint of pink and sparkle can transform it into a princesses dream.

 * * *

No matter what you choose to do or make this holiday season, make sure you take the time to relax and enjoy the time you have with your loved ones. The rest of your year will probably be like a crazy roller coaster! Eat, drink and be very merry!

I hope you had a great Christmas and I wish you the very best for the New Year!


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