Getting Down & Dirty With Diapers

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog posts (shame on you if you haven’t), you’d know that my poor little munchkins have had some issues with some constipation. Well when they finally um… passed the clog, it was monumental. I mean, who knew such little bodies could be so full of… Anyways, I was so glad that they had on a diaper that was capable of containing the madness. Was it Pampers? Nope. Huggies? Nuh uh. Luvs? Goodness no. It was (if you’d believe it) Target brand diapers.

The Fiance and I aren’t working with a whole lot, but we’re always willing to pay a little extra for quality. Now if we can find that same quality at an affordable price… well that’s just awesome. The Target brand diapers have proved to be just as absorbent, and contain just as much mess as the name brand, and they come in cute little polka dots to boot. You get twice as many diapers for the price as you would for the leading name brand diaper. It’s a win win all around. Three cheers for Target!



Author: Kesha of We Got Kidz

Kesha Chisholm Phillips is currently a part time graphic artist and the full time writer and editor of and You'll find her all around the web sharing her parenting journey which includes everything from hilarious family videos to her refreshing takes on what it means to raise children today. Kesha currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her lovely husband and twins AJ and Jax.

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