glam city funk

I‘m getting married this March. (Yes – as in the month after next). In a previous post, I spoke of how hard it was going to be to plan and execute a wedding on a “broke as hell” budget. On top of that, the fiance and I are very simple creatures. Our friends consider us quite a laid back pair. If I myself ever display what you might call “high-strung” behavior, it’s only in relation to my children. Outside of that , my mantra is “it is what it is” – the ultimate laid back aphorism.

With all that being said, I have the arduous task of coming up with a wedding celebration that embodies our laid back attitudes and our empty pockets – all the while infusing it with our self-proclaimed funky styles. I think that I’ve figured it out. This is my vision:

Hot right? My girlfriend coined this look as “glam city funk” – and aptly so.
The challenge is going to be to pull this off. I want people in the courthouse to ask what music producer and R&B songstress have just entered the building. Wish me luck. Any tips or tricks would be welcome. :)