…Okay, well I’m a little biased.

My twin 2-year-olds are avid Dora and Boots fans. Over the summer, my eccentric little girl decided to piece together an outfit on her own that consisted of a pair of orange shorts and a pink shirt. At that moment I knew what my adorable duo was going to be for Halloween.


Dora and Boots | NickJr.com

I decided to put together my own interpretation…

For my darling Dora, a pink shirt and purple backpack were easy to come by. I sewed yellow foam pieces onto a yellow pair of socks to make Dora’s exaggerated fringed stockings. I printed Backpack’s iconic face onto sticker paper and placed it onto her purple backpack. I rolled another yellow foam piece to look like a map and sewed it to the side of “Dora’s” backpack. (As you can see, yours truly is no stranger to a little sewing. Hard to believe – I know.) I added eyes and a mouth to the map and then completed the entire look with a beaded bracelet.


I figured it wouldn’t be hard to find some red rain boots for my adorable little monkey. I found the perfect pair at a K-mart for 12 bucks. I bought a grey sweatsuit and printed a yellow breast plate and tail onto iron transfer printer paper. I ironed them on and completed his look with a monkey hat that I’d found at K-mart as well. Simple!


I think these twin Halloween costumes turned out absolutely adorable, if I do say so myself. The family and I are headed out to one of the local malls to do a little trick-or-treating. (My twin’s very first time. :)) For my Halloween celebrators out there, you all be safe and have a “spooktacular” night!

Happy Halloween!



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