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M y twin almost 3-year-olds had an experience a couple of weeks ago that seems to have changed their lives forever. They talk about it almost daily, and if I had to guess, I’d say that it was the absolute best day of their short little lives.

I took my babies to see their first movie.

My friends over at Haribo were kind enough to send over a box chock full of their brand new Smurfs gummies – some devilishly addictive chewy candies made exclusively to help promote the brand new Smurfs movie Smurfs 2. Along with the obscene amount of candy, they included a gift card in order for us to experience Smurfs 2 for ourselves. I was super excited.

My husband and I had been fans of the Smurfs ever since we were our children’s age. The Smurf’s easy to understand storylines, and their undeniable penchant for laughing every time they ran were things that we were excited to share with our children. We both knew that our twins were at the perfect age to appreciate those little blue gnomes; and we were even more excited to share in their first ever movie theater experience.

There was one big question though that concerned us: How would they react? Well, we were going to find out.

In order to get into the spirit, we broke into one of the bags of Haribo Smurfs gummies. My kids, of course, enjoyed this part the most as candy isn’t something we eat on a regular basis. They had an absolute blast and were intrigued by the fun blue color of the candies and the subsequent blue shade that the gummies turned their tongue.


We planned our movie excursion for the following day. We decided on an early afternoon showing as not to interfere too much with their nap time. I packed one peanut butter sandwich and a few bags of our Smurfs gummies. Smuggling food into the movie theater is not something that I suggest you do; but I was willing to risk a reprimand from the movie theatre food patrol in an effort to save a few bucks while making sure my children were satisfied.

The kids seemed excited, but I was sure they had absolutely no clue what they were in for. We arrived at the theater and my suspensions were confirmed – Their tiny little faces lit up when they saw all of the big movie banners and the bright and bustling concession stand. We entered our theater and found a cozy seat at the end of a row. The twins looked absolutely adorable – eyes big and round – clearly impressed by what they described as a “big TV”.

We had, in fact, patronized the concession stand as it just didn’t seem right not to purchase at least one small bag of popcorn for them to enjoy. They munched on their popcorn and Haribo Smurfs gummy treats and they sat and watched Smurfs 2 absolutely captivated… up until about the last third of the movie.

My son, who isn’t as avid of a movie lover as my little girl, got a little antsy. He took a couple of bathroom breaks and then decided he was ready to leave; but we were able to wrangle him in, and we all watched the conclusion of the movie together in awe – The twins in awe of the “big TV” screen, and my husband and I in awe of seeing a piece of the world again through our twins tiny little eyes.

All in all, our children’s first movie experience was awesome – made better by the perfect gummy candies.


Check out our experience in the video below:


Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your child’s movie theatre experience:

  • Pick a movie you know they’ll love – Are your kids mesmerized by trains, planes, and automobiles? Do Disney films always seem to get their attention? Be sure and take the time to find a movie that you know your child will enjoy. It could mean the difference between a pleasant movie experience for you and your child or a nightmare for the whole theatre.
  • Let your child know what’s expected of them – Don’t forget to explain the “movie theatre rules” to your child before entering. If this is a new experience, they may not know that you’re supposed to remain quiet and sit in your seat during the show and would benefit from a heartfelt conversation.
  • Take snacks and items you may need – especially Haribo Smurfs gummies! – Outside of snacks that you know your child may enjoy, earplugs may also be a consideration. The volume in a movie theatre is considerably louder than what your child may be used to. A child with sensitive ears would benefit from some earplugs.
  • Be prepared for bathroom break(s) – You may have to forgo that favorite center of the row theatre seat in order to accommodate your child’s tiny bladder. Over an hour is a long time to sit for a preschooler without using the potty. You should prepare for one, or multiple, bathroom breaks accordingly.
  • Don’t go at nap time – Selecting a movie showing around or during your children’s nap time is a disaster in the making. Most large movie theatres begin their showings as early as 10:00am. It may be worth seeing a movie first thing in order to avoid any potential meltdowns. Those early matinee’s are cheaper to!


Be sure and visit Haribo on Facebook to learn more about the new Smurfs gummy candies!


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