by Andria Mapp

Have you ever met someone that makes you want to be a better person? Someone who inspires you to make your mark on this world? I have…I met him a few years ago unexpectedly. When I look at him I have this uncontrollable desire to change, grow, and make a difference in my life and the world, no matter how big or small.

We hung out this weekend just the two of us; I was amazed at his intelligence, loving personality, playfulness and energy. He is so full of life and wants to enjoy it all the time. We watched a movie, played dominos, went to the park (twice), had a date at Mellow Mushroom, sung songs, ate ice cream, although most of it did not make it to his mouth and we just laughed. He also showed me the jealous side of him and I realized that he doesn’t like to share my attention with new people especially other boys.

He gives me all the love that one would hope for and desires that same love back. He said to me the entire weekend “Tee Tee, I do love you” and I responded with “I love you too baby.”

Wow, he makes me want to be a better me. He is definitely the reason I want to see change in this world. He, is my nephew. He is the reason I want to be successful in love and life. I am his Tee Tee and he is Tee Tee’s little man. He stole my heart before I could even lower the gate of protection. I can’t wait until our next weekend together.


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