Though it may not get the fanfare of prom or even homecoming, the winter formal is still a major event in your high school daughter’s life. Three big dances a year can take a chunk out of your household’s school-year budget, though, so it helps to cut costs where you can. While you probably won’t want to skimp on the dress, you can save on the winter formal makeover by styling your daughter’s hair at home.


A classic hairstyle for year-round dances, an updo not only looks stylish, it keeps your daughter’s hair out of the way so she can dance the night away. Since you can incorporate so many different elements into an updo – loose bangs, braids, accessories –  they also offer your daughter a chance to show off her sparkling personality. Once your daughter picks the updo of her choice, the most important factor is getting it to stay where you put it. When it comes to an updo that may find its way into a dance-off, you can never use too many hair clips.

Short hair

Updos don’t necessarily work for a short hairstyle, but bobs and short cuts can still be styled to add extra drama to a look. Forget perfect and create crazy with enough mousse to give your daughter’s short-cropped hair some lift from underneath. Let your daughter’s newly-big hair fall how it may, or tame it with hair clips or jeweled barrettes.


If your daughter has short hair or thin hair prone to styling difficulties, consider changing her hair up completely for the night. Hair extensions add both volume and length – perfect for creating special looks.

Extensions work well for leaving hair down, adding a variety of style choices to the mix. Your daughter can opt for extensions that match her regular hair color and texture, or add a splash of color with extensions that contrast with her natural shade. When working with extensions, it’s essential to keep in mind that, for extensions to stay in, they need something sturdy to which to cling, so if your daughter’s hair is thin, tease the hair underneath so you can securely clip-in the extensions.


Not every hairstyle has to be a big change-up. If your daughter wears her gorgeous hair down most of the time, just upgrade her usual style by adding an accessory or two. A piece that matches her dress will pull your daughter’s hair into the theme, but, since it’s a winter formal, winter accessories work well too. Add a little colored hair tinsel to play on the winter season holidays, or stick with silver and white glitter to capture the essence of snow.

The winter formal is an important night, but it doesn’t have to become a major source of teenage stress. Help your daughter stay calm throughout her dance preparations by having multiple hairstyle ideas you can conjure up in an instant in case of any last-minute changes to her dress or hairstyle choices. When you’re prepared with hairstyles ranging from the simple to the fancy, even if something happens to delay your daughter in getting ready for the dance, you should be able to send her out the door with a fabulous head of hair.


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