Whoever says that planning a wedding is easy is either clinically insane or a diva who is fortunate enough to be able to afford a planner who can deal with the dirty details of her nuptials. I’ve seen many friends while in the midst of planning their dream wedding decide at the last minute to run off and elope. The ones who chose to elope from the beginning are in my opinion the smartest.

Although you run the possibility of placing some strain on the relationship between you and your parents (who may be disappointed at not being a part of your awesome event), it’s ultimately your decision and a matter of what you as a couple feel comfortable with. Planning a wedding is a lot to take on, and with opinions coming from all directions telling you their vision of how your dream wedding should be, it’s a wonder anyone would ever choose to do a traditional wedding at all.

Recent statistics have shown that eloping is on the rise in the 25 and up set. No longer is it just for the reckless inexperienced teenagers. Couples are getting married older and living together first longer throwing what used to be the “traditional” way by the wayside.

Sadly enough, most marriages tend to dissolve after the first few years so it only makes sense to save yourself from the huge headache and financial burden of having a huge wedding. It’s become the new thing for couples to have their wedding the way weddings (in my opinion) should be – an intimate gathering of just a few people with the primary focus on the bride and groom.

I think that I’ve achieved the impossible and planned what is looking to be a memorable wedding celebration sans the stress or the emptying of the pockets. Remember the courthouse wedding that I had envisioned? Well we’ve scrapped that (much to the relief of our friends and family). I discovered that there are tons of beautiful public parks and facilities that will let you have a small gathering for free… Yes free. I called the good folks over at Parks and Recreations here in Atlanta and they gave us the green light for us to have a small, non obtrusive wedding shindig at Piedmont Park – what I’d consider the “Central Park” of Atlanta.

Later on in the evening we’re going to have a fabulous dinner celebration in the cocktail lounge area of Strip – one of our favorite restaurants. We’ll end the night with a bottle of champagne and some serious celebrating in our hotel suite at the Twelve hotel. It should prove to be a beautiful and exciting weekend.
Intimate… Special, and most importantly… inexpensive. The way a wedding should be. 🙂


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