Here’s yet another awesome parenting parody music video that’s taken the internet by storm. This one is brought to you by Utah native Chad Morton who goes by the snazzy name of “DaddyCrazy5″ on YouTube. (Not sure what’s up with all of these viral parenting videos coming out of Utah… Go figure.)

According to Chad and his wife, the video was originally only meant to be sent to friends and family as a fun Christmas greeting; but once it was posted to YouTube on Christmas Eve popularity grew quickly, and it has since amassed over a half million views.

The fact that Chad, AKA DaddyCrazy5, is a half way decent looking dude seems to have contributed to the video’s success. Some of the comments include: “That’s one sexy daddy” and “You’re the perfect daddy!” Fellow dads have even chimed in writing, “Way to represent us Dads!” and “As one dad to another, great job!”

Parodying the LMFAO hit is an old hat yet the concept still seems to draw attention. Other viral LMFAO hit parodies include “I’m Pregnant and I Know It“, “We’re Trekkies and We Know It” and “I’m Farming and I Grow It”.

Chad’s video has brought on a huge reaction from the parenting set. He’s cute, and he’s got some mean baby spoon handling skills. What’s not to love?

Yes Chad, you are a daddy… and now we know it too.



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