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My twins appreciated the concept of eating together as a family very early on. I remember them being only a year or two old pointing their little chubby fingers at an empty seat in front of them, attempting to get my husband and I to sit down with them at the dinner table.

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I was amazed and even honored that my two little loves already valued being together as a family – enjoying a hot meal and a few laughs across the dining room table. It really didn’t seem like a huge deal; but little did I know, we were doing our kids an enormous favor by making it a point to share a table together.

Research has proven that family meals make children feel good. Kids get a sense of security and well-being when dinner is eaten together at a shared table. It increases a child’s self-esteem, and even the littlest of family members can feel like a contributing member of the family when they sit at the dinner table with everyone else.

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Barilla – the world’s largest pasta maker – recently sponsored a telephone survey of over 2,000 Americans and found that adults who eat with their kids regularly with few distractions (no TV or phone) report higher overall life satisfaction. Eating together is a win for everyone!

Although sitting down and having a meal with the family seems like a super easy thing to do, you may be surprised to find that a lot of families just don’t do it anymore. Between busy schedules and shifted priorities, sharing a table together as a family is something that we Americans just don’t feel we have time for anymore. The importance of family dinners has fallen by the wayside and been replaced with music lessons, sports practices, and other activities.

Barilla truly believes that sharing the table together is a huge part of building meaningful relationships and strong families. That’s why they’ve made it a point to inspire, empower and support all families to do that very thing. Feeding America is the nation’s largest organization dedicated to fighting domestic hunger through a network of food banks, and Barilla supports that goal.



Want to do something to help Barilla in their goal while supporting your own family as well? Share what happens when you connect with your family on social media and use the hashtag #ShareTheTable. For every post where #ShareTheTable is used, Barilla will help provide the monetary equivalent of ten meals ($1.11) to Feeding America (up to one million meals).


One dollar can help provide up to nine meals that will be secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks. [Valid through 4/30/14].

For mealtime inspiration, visit SharetheTable.com and check out the video below to learn how you can start “sharing the table” too!


Do you try and make it a point to have dinner at the table with your family? Was it something that you did in your family growing up? Let’s talk about it in the comments!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Barilla. For every post using #ShareTheTable from now until 4/30/14, Barilla will donate a monetary equivalent of ten meals ($1.11) to Feeding America®, up to 1 million meals. Barilla will donate a maximum of $110,000. One dollar helps provide 9 meals secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local member food banks.


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