Okay so I knew that Nicki Minaj and unique artists like her have die hard fans. She has her “Barbz”, Lady Gaga has her “Monsters”, but I had no clue that they could be so damn sensitive.

We all remember Nicki’s questionable performance at this year’s Grammys. We’ve seen it, made our assessments and moved on. Well Ms. Jill Scott just recently got around to watching it and decided to go on Twitter to express her feelings about what she saw. Here were her thoughts:

That was innocent enough.
Well apparently Ms. Minaj’s fans are either not too bright or overly sensitive because somehow they interpreted Jill’s innocent assessment as an insult to their um… “idol” and lashed at her without abandon. Despite it all, Ms. Scott kept her cool.

but the bashing continued…

Good one girl. I bet that shut them up.
Not quite…

…and if you’d believe it, the craziness continued, but Jill handled herself with class and style ending things on this note:

I’m not sure why these people thought that Ms. Scott was being mean (or why these people don’t have a life for that matter); but for keeping her cool and being sweet enough to entertain these losers with a response… after response… after response, Jill Scott, we crown you our Celebrity Role Model of the Week.


☺ ☺ ☺

We’re going to do things a little differently this week and instead of highlighting the negative, we’re going to continue with the positive. This next honoree deserves a shout out.

This will be her second time around on our list of positive role model celebs, but what can I say? – Ms. Tyra Banks really seems to have her stuff together and is truly getting her “grown woman” on this year.

Two years after enrolling in Harvard Business School, Ms. Banks has graduated from the Owner/President Management program with a bona-fied diploma. Why did this already successful multi-venture business woman decide to get her degree? Tyra is passionate and very serious about turning her brand into a sustainable legacy referencing Virgin’s Richard Branson and Walt Disney as her role models.

“I’m not looking to build my company based on fans,” she said. “Rather, I feel a responsibility to spread my message of empowerment, self-esteem, and beauty in a way that’s consistent with my ethos and, hopefully, favorable to my bottom line.”

You go girl! For your amazing work ethic and for ultimately being the epitome of who our young ladies should aspire to be, Tyra we proudly crown you our second Celebrity Role Model of the Week.

See you next week for more celebrities you love… and love to hate.



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  2. […] Jill Scott’s Voice Isn’t the Only Thing About Her That’s Super Sweet and Tyra Bank… (wegotkidz.com) […]

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