My twin 3-year-olds are little techies; and rightfully so. I – being their mother and all – covet any electronic gadget that can make my life easier by giving me information and entertainment with a simple flick of a finger. Needles to say, my children received their love of phones, tablets, and gaming systems totally honest.

I sit and look at my children in amazement at times at how quickly they catch on to new games and applications. They flick, slide, pinch, and push buttons so quickly and efficiently that I often wonder if I don’t have two little geniuses on my hands; But I’m sure every mother believes the same thing.

My problem is that, although these games and apps keep my children occupied, (which is a Godsend at times) I can’t help but to feel guilty when they sit for extended periods lost in the glare of a screen. Although fun for them, most games don’t encourage any activity or provide true mental stimulation. That’s why I was ecstatic when the kiddies and I were introduced to the LeapFrog LeapTV gaming system.


The game system is absolutely amazing, and nothing like anything I’d ever seen. It allows my children to play and learn. And the best part? Most games require them to use their entire bodies. My kids are able to literally become a part of the game as the motion sensing camera shows their adorable little bodies dancing and hopping around on the screen.


And of course the game holds true to LeapFrog’s standard of continuous learning. Each game addresses the core skills of reading, science, math, and problem solving.

This system was too awesome to keep all to ourselves; so I decided we’d have a party to showcase the LeapTV in all of its glory. Since the gaming system is designed for children ages 3 to 8, I called up all of my mommy friends with kids between those ages and told them to meet me at my home for a day of fun and games.


I decked out my living room in LeapFrog’s green signature color, and set out healthy snacks for everyone to enjoy. (The kids were definitely going to need their energy for all of the active play they were going to be doing.)

Everyone had an absolute blast! We had our very on LeapTV Olympics thanks to LeapTV Sports, and we showed off our best dance moves with LeapFrog’s very own Gadget & Bit. LeapTV has designed the best learning games for kids to accompany the console; and the kids were totally into it.

My mommy friends were excited about the gaming system, and as you could probably tell from the video above, the kids were just happy to play. Little did they know, they were learning as well; which is what makes the LeapTV gaming system the absolute best learning game for kids.

If you have a 3 to 8 year old at home, this game system is for you. With nine awesome games at launch and over 100 more game cartridges debuting before year’s end, your kids will never run out of fun things to do and great ways to learn.

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This is a great gaming console with a user interface simple enough for kids. The controller and console are designed for kids from the ground up. It's the perfect "starter" console for your little gamer and would make for an amazing gift this holiday season.



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