Life  with LEGOs can be dangerous, particularly after dark. There is little in the world quite as painful as stepping on a plastic brick in the middle of the night. Yet before you swear that you will throw every one of those bricks out at morning light, stop and think about everything that this brand offers your children. You just might find that you’re feeling a little more amicable towards the toys once you do.

Benefits of LEGOs

toddler-with-legosLEGOs aren’t just toys, they inspire children to tap into their creativity and invent something new. Children who play with LEGOs are preparing themselves for the skills they will need to be an architect, engineer or designer in the future. It helps develop mathematic and spatial skills, even if the children do not pursue one of these careers.

Today’s LEGOs have something for children of all ages. Toddlers benefit from the Duplo line of LEGOs, while school age children can use a wide range of LEGO lines. Older teenagers and even adults find the Architecture and Technic lines challenging. To top off all of these benefits, the company continues to add more products to its lineup. It’s a toy that parents are often willing to invest in because of these many benefits.

New Introductions to LEGOs

When some companies introduce a new line, it’s more or less just a gimmick. Not so with LEGOs. This company spends hours researching their target demographic – kids – and creating products that appeal to them.

Take the LEGO Friends line, for example. The company found that girls were not drawn to their toys in equal number as boys, so what did they do? They created fashion dolls with a story line and “LEGO-fied” them. Now girls can play with the girls and build their own dollhouse, salon, horse stable and vet’s office.

LEGO Dino is another new line added to the manufacturer. Think Jurassic Park meets LEGOs and you have a good idea of what this line has in it.

If your kid is more into Superman than Dino-man, then consider the Super Heroes line. With these new sets your kid can build with his favorite Marvel characters. Just don’t let your comic-loving dad get a hold of these sets or you’ll end up with the ultimate showdown between Iron Man and The Mandarin right in your living room.

Lego Superheroes

Tried-and-True Favorites

If you’re shopping for a lover of LEGOs, some lines are difficult to go wrong with. Consider LEGO Ninjago. This ninja-themed line will send your child on a quest to right the wrongs of the world and add balance back to the universe. Ninjago comes with a card game and spinners to add another dimension to play.

Lego city_1The City line is one that embraces everything that makes LEGOs so fun. Kids can build fire trucks, houses, stores and all other types of buildings to create their own brick city. This appeals to both boys and girls equally.

Finally, you can’t go wrong with the Star Wars line. Imagine your favorite Star Wars characters as mini-figures. With this line, you give your kid the ability to create his favorite scenes from the movie right at home.

Yes, this is a line of toys with almost universal appeal. If you’re looking for a gift for a child or teen in your life, then consider this brand. Whether you choose one of the favorites or one of the innovative new lines, you are sure to please them.



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