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I’m a Marriage Guru

Since I’ve been married for a little over two weeks now I consider myself to be an expert in the field. I mean given that the average. U.S. marriage only lasts for about eleven years, in “marriage years” we’ve been going at this thing for like six months. (Don’t question my logic. Just go with it.) So far I’m excited about our future together and wonderfully optimistic. I will admit that thinking about forever together can get a little overwhelming but the best approach is one day at a time.

We Know Our Roles… I Think

Our partnership style, I’m discovering, is a mix of a lot of old school and a little new age. I’m home with the kids each day. I cook at least five days a week… okay four. I make sure the house is at least half way clean and tidy by the time he gets home from work (because no one likes coming home to a junky house).

My husband works extremely hard at a noble blue-collar profession. He takes out the trash, kills bugs, and he comes home each day and wrestles with the kids. I have to say… he’s a keeper.

Now what?

Right now the husband and I are still hot for each other. TMI? Well it’s true. But we’re newlyweds. The trick will be to keep the spark alive, and continue to raise these little loveable crumb snatchers to the best of our ability.
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