We T.V. is about three episodes in to what I’d classify as currently one of the most positive depictions of a “celebrity” black family on television.

Having amassed three Grammy wins and six nominations – along with many other awards and accolades over the course of their career –  Mary Mary is one of the most successful gospel groups of all time.

The two sisters – Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell – (they both married unrelated men with the same last name… Tee hee hee) have chosen to share their lives on the aptly titled reality series Mary Mary. There they share what it takes to balance being wives and mothers along with a successful music career.

The show is surprisingly excellent, and a joy to watch. (This is me getting my Roger Ebert on.) The wonderful thing about it is that the “baffoonery” that has become a staple in today’s black reality shows is noticeably absent. No neck-rolling, no glass throwing, and no weave snatching. This is as it should be – These are true Christian women. Yet somehow the show still remains exciting.

Take for instance when Erica, the older (yet oddly younger looking) “Mary”, was faced with the scary possibility of going into pre term labor if she didn’t slow things down. Because of this, she had to make the tough decision of whether or not to cancel their Christmas tour at the risk of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Dunn, dunn, dunn. Hey, it had me hooked, and it will have you hooked too.

So next time you’re perusing channels on a Thursday night around 9:00 EST, stop by We T.V. and check out Mary Mary – An adorable little slept on reality series that the whole family can actually enjoy.


Buy Mary Mary Album “Something Big”

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