When I was a single gal with no kids or a mortgage to pay, everything seemed so much simpler. My biggest worries were what time to schedule my day spa facial and what color my toenails should be.

Now I’m a grownup.

I’ve got two children, (three if you want to count my husband) bills, extra household chores, shifted priorities – the list goes on and on. There’s absolutely no time for me! I’m a mommy – which essentially means that I’m the house manager, “boo boo” kisser, the maid, a lion tamer (we have a dog), and all around sanity saver of my family. That puts a lot of stress on a girl.

All of this unfortunately means that there’s never any time for relaxing. I’m stressed. I’m grumpy. There’s no time for toenails anymore. Forget picking out a color. I barely can manage to keep them clipped. (Gross but true.)

Grumpy Mom Interpretation

Me at my grumpiest.

And there’s definitely no room for a spa. Ha! Outside of the fact that I can’t ever seem to find the time, they’re expensive! We’re on a budget! An affordable spa experience is impossible to come by.

Then I found Massage Envy Spa.

Massage Envy Spa is all about giving the everyday woman customized massages, facials, and relaxing therapies at an affordable price. They give moms like you and I the opportunity to give ourselves that much needed “me” time.

But the benefits extend far beyond that. Check out the following five reasons why you should head out this mother’s day weekend and enjoy a little pampering from Massage Envy Spa.

1. It helps out your lady parts!

Studies have shown that rub downs like Massage Envy Spa’s new Day Spa Massage can relieve menstrual problems like period pain and PMS. It can even relieve some menopausal symptoms!

2. A massage or facial allows you to get in some “me” time.

Being a mom usually means that 99% of your focus is on everyone else. Tending to your children, your husband, and your home doesn’t usually lend itself to getting in very much time to yourself.

Believe it or not, getting in “me” time – especially when it’s a relaxing massage – can reduce your stress and ultimately make you a more patient and effective mother.


Save money by scheduling your massages at Massage Envy Spa. Make it an essential part of your self-care, and feel confident knowing that making some time for you will make you a happier healthier member of the family.

 3. Feeling run down? It’s time to get a massage!

Massages have been proven to revitalize and reenergize. If you’re a working mom who has to wrangle the kids when you get home, you probably feel run down most of the week.

Schedule a massage at Massage Envy Spa and add their super awesome Sugar Foot Scrub. The sugar-based treatment hydrates, and soothes tired feet while protecting them from future discomfort.

4. Do the kids and the husband have you frustrated and flustered? You need a massage! It’ll relieve your stress.

Find yourself constantly yelling at the kids? Does everything your husband does get on your nerves? (More than usual.) Then you’re probably retaining quite a bit of stress. Massages have been proven to have tons of emotional and physical benefits – Especially when you’re high on stress.


5. Two things that every mom needs intact: health and well-being. A massage or facial from Massage Envy Spa can improve both!

Studies have proven that regular massages (say once a month) can help improve circulation and muscle function. Brand new mom? Massages can even increase your recovery time!

Massage Envy Spa’s introductory 1-hour massage sessions are cheaper than your average spa massage. Saving money? That improves your well-being!

* * *

It’s not too late! Tell the hubby to head up to your local Massage Envy Spa to get you a gift certificate for Mother’s Day. Once he realizes all of the benefits he won’t be able to say no. Happy wife – happy life. 🙂



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