Comedian Mike Epps recently had the tabloids abuzz after his 18 year old daughter Bria leaked a recent telephone conversation had between the two of them. In the conversation, Epps was caught repeatedly calling his daughter “the devil” and an “ungrateful bi*ch”. [Hear the entire conversation below.] It was painful to hear. I couldn’t help but hope that I was simply hearing a terrible bit from one of his stand-up routines and that at the end he’d say that he was only playing.

The squabble allegedly stemmed from Bria requesting that her college tuition be paid in cash instead of him sending it directly to the school, and hurt feelings over her not getting a shout out from him during his appearance on the Wendy Williams show.


In my opinion they’ve both bumped their heads. In an interview in response to her father’s rant Bria claimed to not want the media attention and swears that she never asked him for anything. She went on to say that she’s not sure where the whole college tuition claim stemmed from and that she never asked him for money. She continued by putting her father on blast by saying that he’s a schizophrenic who’s off of his meds.

Something seems super fishy about the entire situation and quite frankly, I think it’s a shame. Bria, your family business is just that – your family business and should not be recorded and distributed for personal gain. If you felt threatened, go to the police and leave it at that. Your constant taunting and “what you gonna do’s” throughout the unauthorized recording seemed to only antagonize and insight the drama.
Mike Epps – your butt should know better. You are a grown man as well as the parent. Teenagers (especially of the female variety) are volatile balls of emotion and should be handled and dealt with accordingly. You’re setting that child up for years of unhealthy relationships with men.

For their childish ways, Mike Epps and Bria, we crown you our Celebrity NON Role Models of the Week.
Stop the madness please.


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This past weekend things got a little scary here in Atlanta with tons of tornado sightings and serious inclement weather. The awful weather bands spanned across the Southeast and created tons of destruction.

Stephanie Decker of Louisville, Kentucky experienced the devastation first hand as she watched a tornado come barreling towards her and her two children in their home. She made a quick decision, grabbed her kids, and took shelter in the basement.

“I heard the roar and I heard it behind me,”

Stephanie told ABC News while being interviewed from her hospital bed. Her mothering instincts kicked in immediately.

“They needed me so I had to figure out what to do. I put them in a comforter and I tied the comforter, my daughter said ‘Mom I don’t like this’ and I said ‘I know honey.’
“I assumed I was safe, and I heard the roar like a train, and I heard it behind me, and I knew it was coming,” she said. “And it was so loud that I knew that I needed to do something different. I knew staying put wasn’t going to work.”

After the tornado passed their home, she realized that everything was destroyed. Thankfully her children were safe, but unfortunately, her legs were crushed during the storm. She said she tried to get help.

“I was yelling, I have a punctured lung and seven broken ribs, yelling was really hard to do.”

Her son, Dominic, ran for help as Stephanie accessed her injuries.

“I knew I was cut. I realized I’m barely attached or it’s completely severed.”

Even though she was in pain, Stephanie was relieved to see her two children alive.

“If I didn’t make it and I died right here today then [I knew] my kids were ok,”

Both of her legs were amputated, one just above the knee and the other just below the knee.

The swarm of deadly tornadoes that ripped through the South and the Midwest almost killed Stephanie, but even though she was severely injured she’s grateful to be alive with her children and is looking forward to the future.

“I’m not going to let this ruin my life.”

Her story is a true testament to a mother’s love and a reflection of the literal sacrifices many have to make for their children. Stephanie is a celebrity in her own right.

For her bravery and selflessness, we proudly crown Stephanie Decker our Celebrity Role Model of the Week.

Tune in next week for more celebrities you love… and love to hate.


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