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T his weeks “Brilliant Blogger Broad” is a coach’s wife, certified parent life coach, and well versed in all things that come with being a “sports parent”. Have a kid that plays sports? Janis is the one you need to talk to! She’ll help you and your child get the most out of their sports experience.

Her website extends beyond sports and offers up a weekly newsletter chock full of “weekly wisdom” that will aid in helping you to raise great kids. Her blog, JBMThinks.com, is an excellent resource in the parenting blog world.

Meet Janis!

*So, Janis – What do you blog about?

I write a blog for sports parents. My goal is to help them help their children get the most out of the youth sports experience. There are many positive life lessons to be learned and I feel we as parents often miss that because we are too much into the playing time and the statistics.

*What inspired you to begin blogging?

My life! I was raised to love sports. Then I married a man who coached for 28 years. All three of my children began playing sports when they were small and played through college.

*What advice do you have for someone who wants to start blogging?

Decide first of all what you are trying to achieve and set your goals accordingly. If you are just blogging to vent and share your life, that’s fine. Recognize that your readership may not grow much larger than your friends and family; But if you are blogging to help others and solve their problems, then you have a chance to get heard by many.

*Your favorite all time blog post (written by you of course)

This is really tough since I’ve got quite a few! so I’ll just put one of my faves down: The Secret Ingredient of Great Parenting

*What do you do in your downtime to relax?

I read, bike, and spend time with the family.

*What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

Watching my kids mature and become young adults that I really enjoy being with.

*What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?

I usually either listen to the radio and veg, pray, or think about ideas for articles.

*If my family and I came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?

We’d cook on the grill: chicken or steak, and have baked potatoes and a yummy salad.




Janis of JBMThinks.com

Janis Meredith

Blog: JBMThinks.com

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  1. Janis Meredith
    July 18, 2013 at 5:21 am — Reply

    Thanks so much for this wonderful post! Love it!

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