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A couple of weeks ago I saw a commercial for the new natural no calorie NECTRESSE (TM)Sweetener. It featured little animated butterflies cleverly crafted from Nectresse™ packets flitting around monk fruit trees. I was intrigued. Monk fruit? Aparrently Nectresse™ is made from the extract of this exotic fruit. The sweetener is 100% natural and available pretty much everywhere.

Interesting… but I wasn’t sold.

I’ve always been very critical when it comes to artificial sweeteners. I have a serious sweet tooth that truly never goes away and artificial sweeteners that parade around pretending like they taste good really irk my taste buds. No one likes a poser.

Remember when a certain unnamed soda manufacturer came out with a new 0 calorie soda and swore that you wouldn’t be able to taste a difference?

Well I could.

Artificial sweeteners seem to all have this weird, tangy, almost bitter aftertaste that turns me off. As you can see, my expectations were low regarding this newfangled sweetener.

I guess my friends over at Nectresse ™ could sense my cynicism and wanted to prove me wrong. A few days after seeing the commercial I found a neat little package from them in my mailbox containing a box of Nectresse™ with a note asking me to sample.

Dunn, dunn, dunn.


I ripped open the box immediately, eager to get this over with. “Poor Nectresse™. Not sure if you’ll get the ‘We Got Kidz Seal of Approval’ on this one” I said aloud.

“Wha-?!” My husband hollered from the living room.

“Oh nothing. Just talking to myself again.”

“My wife’s a loon.” I heard him mumble under his breath.

I let that slide as I ripped open an individual pack of Nectresse™ and stuck my finger in for a taste test. It actually wasn’t bad. It tasted like… sugar. Maybe that was a fluke. I decided to test it in my morning cup of joe. My husband always teases me about how I make my coffee. “Would you like any coffee with your sugar?” he asks.

Nectresse™ had their work cut out for them.

I brewed up a batch of my favorite caffeinated beverage and stirred in a few packs of Nectresse™. I took a sip.

It was delicious!

Were my taste buds deceiving me? The Nectresse™ had a naturally sweet taste that didn’t leave any sort of aftertaste. It was great. And the bonus? No calories! Sorry sugar. I think I’m about to leave you for Nectresse™.

I decided to take things a step further. Nectresse™ passed with flying colors in my beverage, but what about in a sweet edible treat? And would my husband eat it? Nectresse™ had oh so graciously included some receipes that I could try that included Nectresse™ as a sugar substitute. I chose apple cinnamon pancakes. The recipe seemed simple enough, and the husband and I love breakfast foods. I slaved away and in about fifteen minutes had a stack of steamy, wonderfully fragrant apple cinnamon pancakes.

Check out the recipe and images below:

Note: A delicious alternative to apples in this recipe is pears. Additionally, if desired, light butter or margarine can be used in place of butter.


The whole family sat down at the table to have a helping. They were fantastic! Sweet. Buttery. Delicious! Sugar? What’s that? Who needs that high calorie junk when you can use Nectresse™? Now I use Nectresse™ on everything – satisfying my sweet tooth without all of the guilt.

Check out what Nectresse™ spokesperson Lisa Ling has to say about the sweetener:

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  1. Adam S
    February 8, 2013 at 9:05 am — Reply

    I love Nectresse too, but you misidentify it as an "artificial sweetener" in the beginning of your review. Nectresse may be a sugar substitute, but it is not artificial. The fact that it is all-natural is what makes me love it so much.

    • February 8, 2013 at 9:14 am — Reply

      I believe I was using "artificial" in the context of "it ain't sugar". lol! I appreciate you stopping by to set me straight. Thanks! 🙂

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