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I know you were drawn in by the possibility of saving more time and money (because who doesn’t need to save that?!); but I want to start with an awesome personal story inspired by Sears…

I remember getting up early one Saturday morning. I was around 8-years-old and was ready to start my morning with some cartoons, my favorite cereal, and some ice cold milk.

I headed toward the big green fridge in the corner of our kitchen (It was the 80’s. Don’t judge.) and I heard a terrible noise come from the box. I knew, even at 8, that it wasn’t a good sign.

I opened the fridge to find that the inside was almost as warm as the back of my hand. All of the food was “sweating”. (Seemingly nervous at its impending fate.)

The fridge had busted. No ice cold milk for me that morning.

I called my mom and dad into the kitchen and before I could process what was going on, we had thrown the food that we could salvage into a cooler and we were off making our way to our local Sears. Even back then my parents knew that they could count on Sears to give them more value and more selections than any other retailer.


Sears is still doing everything in their power to give consumers like you and I “MORE”. With technology now at their disposal, Sears is bringing us more rewards and even more ways to shop. They recently produced a super cute video series called More to You to prove just that.

In the series Sears decided to surprise a few regular folks based off of their actual tweets. Watch the latest one below. (You may want to have some tissue on hand.)


Is someone cutting onions?! *tear, tear. (The photo selfie they took at the end with baby boy crying was priceless.)

Did you see how convenient and awesome that in-vehicle store pick-up was? You don’t even have to drag the kids inside! Just download the Sears Shop Your Way mobile app, pick out what you want, and drive to Sears. The awesome Sears employees will bring you your items and put them in your car for you.


I have twin 3-year-olds. Getting my children ready and into the car usually takes me longer than the actual errand. Do you know how much time that in-vehicle pickup could save me??

If you want to see how much time the Sears Shop Your Way mobile app can save you, download it now and check it out! And if you want Sears to “give more” to you like they did for Ms. Breanna in the video tweet @Sears with the hashtag “MoreToYou” and you might just get a surprise.



This was a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sears.

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