by Rox Fontaine-

Watching children grow up is so awesome. There are so many milestones and transitions to mark. Their first steps, first words, first day of school and so forth. At every marker, you get so excited as a parent to see your little one(s) learn, grow, and change.

Some of life’s markers are a little more complicated however. Their first kiss, first date, or first … umm … you know, are surely mixed bags of emotions. I’ve not yet experienced the last three but I can imagine that I will be at the mercy of my nerves when the moments arrive.

There are others still that reside on the corner of taboo street and anathema avenue. Apartment 4LW. Home of the Kusswerds family. See what I did there? Ahem…

Did you read my post about my son’s first R rated movie? No? For shame! It was BSC (before site crash), so it may pop up at a later time. Anyway, if you missed it, that movie was ‘Kick-Ass.’ It was an interesting experience and I had fun watching my son squirm at the intense action. We shared a good laugh when the movie was over.

A few days ago we were heading out to do some shopping. (I told you we shop a lot.) As we were heading out, my son and I stopped on the staircase to wait for my wife to put her shoes on. He was talking to me about something but I wasn’t really paying attention. I had my eyes buried into my cell phone reading my Twitter feed. (Don’t judge me. You know you do it too!) Ears have a funny way of popping out of one context and jumping into another when they hear something they know the brain is going to love.

All I heard was, “Blah Blah Blah Blah Blahhhh Blah Blah … ASS.” Wait, what? I snapped to. “I’m sorry. What now?” I don’t remember what he said but he was referencing something in the movie Kick-Ass. All I heard was the last word of the movie title and was thrown for a loop. I chuckled at my sudden interest in the conversation and quickly seized my moment to make a joke. I belted out in my best 10 year old voice, “Ooooooh, I’m telling Mommy you were cussin‘!”

You should have seen how flustered he got. It was so cute. He was like, “What? I … no … wait!” It took me a few seconds to regain composure but I let him off the hook. I told him that I was just joking with him and that he hadn’t done anything wrong. I explained that it’s just the name of a movie and not the worst word in the world. He was relieved but still red in the face. My wife gave me a smack on the head for making him feel so embarrassed.

What are you thoughts on strong language? What words are OK at what ages? How have your pre-teens and teens handled it? Let me know your experiences in the comments.


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