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The Steve Harvey Show - Season 2012
15 Jan 2013

How My Appearance on Steve Harvey’s Daytime Talk Show [Almost] Came to Be

Every week I’ve gotten into the habit of sending out a little media package to a few big-named television shows and media outlets. The chances of any of these entities finding any interest in my tiny little blog and quirky little family were slim to none; but I do it

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Child on Floor - Parents Using Laptop
14 Jan 2013

5 Must-Read Parenting Posts From Around the Web

  For parents, the internet is a veritable smorgasbord of entertaining visual delights. From adorable viral videos to mind blowing baby memes, you can spend hours clicking around without ever finding anything of true value. We Got Kidz is to the rescue with a short list of some of the

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im daddy and i know it
10 Jan 2013

‘I’m a Daddy and I Know It’ – The Newest LMFAO Parody to Become a Viral Sensation | Video of the Week

Here’s yet another awesome parenting parody music video that’s taken the internet by storm. This one is brought to you by Utah native Chad Morton who goes by the snazzy name of “DaddyCrazy5″ on YouTube. (Not sure what’s up with all of these viral parenting videos coming out of Utah…

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no nonsense review leggings tights
10 Jan 2013

Funky Fresh Tights and a Mom With Super Style: We Got Kidz Reviews No nonsense Tights and Leggings

This post brought to you by No nonsense. All opinions are 100% mine. No nonsense. To many women, the name immediately brings back memories of Sunday school attire where white stockings and patent leather Mary Janes were the norm. No nonsense undergarments were a staple in every young woman’s wardrobe.

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