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clipa handbag hanger
21 Jan 2013

We Got Kidz Reviews Clipa Handbag Hanger – A Functional Bag Accessory That You Never Knew You Needed

The other day I received a nifty little gadget in the mail called Clipa. (Ladies listen up, because this is an item that you never knew you needed until someone gives it to you to use.) Clipa is a metal ring you use while out and about to keep your

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18 Jan 2013

Three Essentials Every Girl Should Learn Before Womanhood


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18 Jan 2013

Home Alone: How Old Is Old Enough?

  We’ve all seen the movie in which a little boy finds himself at home and alone for the Christmas holidays. While we may enjoy imagining our children to be as quick-witted and resourceful as the character in the film, the truth is that it’s scary to leave kids home

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The Steve Harvey Show - Season 2012
15 Jan 2013

How My Appearance on Steve Harvey’s Daytime Talk Show [Almost] Came to Be

Every week I’ve gotten into the habit of sending out a little media package to a few big-named television shows and media outlets. The chances of any of these entities finding any interest in my tiny little blog and quirky little family were slim to none; but I do it

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