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Huge Whoopie Pies

Now that summer is here, it’s time to think of vacationing with the kids. One destination that everyone can agree on is San Francisco. Not only does the City by the Bay offer an array of exciting and interesting G-Rated attractions, it also boasts a wide variety of fun food opportunities your kids won’t soon forget.

There’s no better place to satisfy young appetites in San Francisco than the city’s iconic zoo near Lake Merced. A giant dog wearing a cape, a symbol of a former hot dog chain, on Sloat Boulevard serves as a beacon to kids looking for a tasty treat. A big part of summer for kids – maybe even adults too – is finding those perfect treats that remind you of that trip to the zoo, the aquarium at Fisherman’s Wharf, or another special outing.

The Joy of Pink Popcorn

Who knew that something that is intentionally stale and Styrofoam-like could be so darn good. Pink popcorn is as much a part of San Francisco as Chinatown and the Golden Gate Bridge. The neon confection has been made by San Francisco’s Wright Popcorn & Nut Co. since the 1940s. The slightly sweet treat is still a standard offering throughout the city’s historic zoo, much to the delight of the children and the zoo animal that manages to have a piece or two tossed its way.

Those Elusive Whoopie Pies

Cart vendors are sources of yet more local treats, many of which kids will gladly beg to sample. Gobba Gobba Hey is one vendor still making whoopie pies, an iconic treat available with various filings including raspberry and lemongrass. Finding this vendor can sometimes be like finding Waldo, but the iconic treat occasionally pops up on their website. If you don’t want to hold out for whoopie pies, you’ll find some tasty delights your kids will love elsewhere in the area, including:

  • 3 Sum Eats – Kids will recognize just about everything served up here, from scrambled eggs and french toast served with cinnamon buns to bacon and a deep-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  • The Pizza Hacker – Usually found in the Mission, kids will love this guy’s space age oven that cranks out a savory pizza in less than ten minutes. Toppings include locally-grown veggies and gourmet meats.
  • Da Beef – How can you go wrong with hot dogs, chips, and Coke? Kids will love every delicious bite. Often referred to as “the best dogs in town,” you and your kids will love the Chicago-style flavors found here.
  • Creperie Saint Germain – Crepes may not seem naturally kid-friendly, but not all crepes are created equal. The ones served up here include chicken, ham, cheese, eggs, and an assortment of local veggies. Lemon, sugar, and cream are included in the dessert crepes. Your kids will be smiling after the first bite.


Other Bay City Goodies

Aside from pink popcorn and whoopie pies, there’s plenty of other goodies to be found in the area. Pasquale’s Pizza on Irving Street has been a staple for many years. Java Beach became the newest food business to open in the area in more than a decade. Even though they opened when the economic downturn hit, business remains brisk with lines often out the door. Proving that good food is recession-proof, owners Buffy and Pat Maguire recently opened a third store. You’ll find burgers, crab cakes, and fish tacos right on the grounds of TPC Harding Park, a local golf course. These are treats targeted more for adults, but what kid doesn’t love a good fish taco?

It doesn’t take much to please kids. Start with popcorn and whoopie pies, but don’t stop there. The vendors hanging out on most bustling streets in the city serve up some tasty kid-friendly treats too, from good old fashioned PB&J and pizza to hot dogs and ice cream. Now you have quite a few delicious reasons to take your kids out for the day in San Francisco. If you’re good, you can have a bite too.

Karen Boyarsky is an advertising copywriter who, for five years, lived, worked and ate her way through San Francisco. She occasionally writes for, a site she loves using to find local Food Delivery in San Francisco and Hoboken Delivery.



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