At the age of 23, you’re young, vibrant, and in your prime. In most instances, at the age of 23, it becomes your goal in life to frequent every night club, be seen, and party harty ’till you can’t party no mo’. I’m beginning to think that Rihanna is taking this right of passage to a whole new level. Rihanna was recently photographed in Hawaii smoking what appeared to be a hand-rolled joint. Okay Rihanna, we all understand that you’re young and free-spirited and that you do what you want to do.. but to flaunt it so blatantly is down right destructive. There are millions of little girls who look up to you and want nothing more than to be like you. If you choose to smoke that narcotic, do what you do, but to do it out in public and then brag about it on Twitter?:

That’s just plain reckless.
For your reckless behavior and I-don’t-give-a-sh*t attitude, Rihanna, you are crowned our Non Celebrity Role Model of the Week. Stop being so sloppy Ri Ri.


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Since we’re speaking on discreteness, I have to say that I’ve always admired Ms. Tyra Bank’s ability to remain discrete when it comes to her personal life. I’m always routing for her to find Mr. Right, but she just hasn’t been able to find him… until now it seems. After her breakup from boyfriend John Utendahl, Ms. Banks decided to go on an “Eat, Pray, Love” like journey to Bali where she happened upon a new love. A source told PEOPLE magazine that Tyra met her new man in Bali and said: “It’s a total long-distance romance, but it’s a big deal.”… We hope so Tyra.

For your love of being in love and pure optimism, We Got Kidz crowns you our Celebrity Role Model of the Week.

Tune in next week for more celebrities you love… and love to hate.


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  1. […] will be her second time around on our list of positive role model celebs, but what can I say? – Ms. Tyra Banks really seems […]

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