With Snooki ‘s notorious airheadedness and Adele seeming wise beyond her years, you’ll find it hard to believe that they’re both actually the same age.

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Then you’ve got Gordon Ramsey who looks like he’s been to Hell’s Kitchen and back – compared to Salma Hayek who appears 10 years her junior. You’ll be interested to find that they were both born in the same year of 1966.

Whether it be because of their maturity levels, or the disparaging difference in looks. You’ll be shocked at these celebrities who share the same birth year.

Flip through and tell me which same age celebs you think are the most shocking.

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2 Adele-and-Hayley-Williams
2 adrien-brody-and-emenim
2 Dakota-Fanning-and-Melonie-Monrose
2 Fantasia-Barrino-and-Avril-Lavigne
2 gabrielle-union-and-teresa
2 Gordon-Ramsay-Salma-Hayek
2 jennifer-lopez-and-catherine-zeta-jones
2 Lady-Gaga-and-Mary-Kate-Olsen
2 Lil-Kim-and-MIA
2 Lindsay-Lohan-and-Dianna-Agron
2 snooki-and-adele
2 Tyra-Banks-and-Daniella-Westbrook


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