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I just had a front row seat to a reception announcing SodaStream’s new celebrity partnership. (Well, I really just watched a live stream, but it really felt like I was there.) It’s the lovely Scarlett Johansson!

Ms. Johansson will be the star of Sodastream’s much anticipated Super Bowl ad this year. (Their ad last year during the Super Bowl created quite a buzz.)

Now let me explain why you should care about all of this.

SodaStream has been around for decades providing innovative and creative ways for people to do something they do daily: drink.

If you’re looking for ways to show your kids how to help the environment and drink a little healthier SodaStream’s Home Carbonation System is where it’s at. It’s super easy to use and ultimately reduces the huge eco-footprint that’s caused by the manufacture, transport and waste of plastic bottles.

Kids LOVE this thing; and if you’re a mom or dad who buys your family sodas, SodaStream provides a much healthier alternative given that the resulting beverage has a whole lot less sugar, carbs and calories than those traditional soda brands.


So, NOW I’m sure you can see what the fuss is all about. SodaStream is doing their due diligence in getting as many eyes on their healthy, eco-friendly soda alternative; and Scarlett Johansson is definitely a very beautiful step in the right direction.


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