Lovely guest blogger Olivia gives us the good, the bad, and the ugly on being preggers…

crying-pregnant-woman-what-to-expect-during-pregnancyAlthough pregnancy can make you feel so sensitive that you cry when you see a “cute” commercial, its reputation as a state that sends you onto a “pink cloud” is undeserved. Of course, building a human (nearly) from scratch is a pretty amazing thing, but weird things can also happen to your body and your mind.

If you’re thinking about how to get pregnant, or if you’re already knocked up, there are so many things to discover! Here’s what to expect during pregnancy:

Everyone is familiar with morning sickness, but did you know that the first trimester can leave you feeling like a zombie? If you find yourself in the grocery store at noon, wondering if you can stand in that queue for another minute without actually falling asleep, you’re not alone.

Those dividing cells in your uterus can seem to suck your life energy right out. It will resurface, of course — in, like, another month or so. First trimester fatigue is totally normal, but if you are also feeling dizzy and have weird, tingling sensations in your extremities, you may have anemia or a very low blood pressure. It’s best to talk to your doctor in both cases.

barefoot and pregnant-what-to-expect-during-pregnancyPregnancy complications like gestational diabetes or high blood pressure are no fun at all. But there are also pregnancy signs that are medically harmless that can make an expectant mom pretty miserable.

Take PUPPP, Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy, for instance. It’s a very itchy rash that starts in your stretch marks. Charming! Your belly button can also pop right out, you could get a “pregnancy mask” on your face, and your feet can even grow a whole shoe size because of the hormone relaxin.

The nesting instinct is mother nature’s way of forcing you to prepare for your baby’s impending arrival. Pregnancy may turn you into an ironing, spring cleaning, color-coding domestic goddess. Don’t overdo it; your neighbors will probably call the police if you start drilling holes in the wall at 3 am, and getting up on a wonky ladder to paint the nursery may be a bad idea if you have a huge baby bump.

Watching birth videos on the web is a great way to learn what awaits you. Why go to a childbirth education class if you can watch real educational footage showing how to push that baby out in the hospital, in a bath tub, standing up, or in a teepee in the woods with chanting women around?

You’re not really pregnant until you actually enjoy watching other women go through labor and birth. The obsession with another woman’s bodily functions can’t last too long, as you’ll soon be distracted by your own — if you can laugh without “leaking“, you deserve a medal.

african-american-couple-in-bed-what-to-expect-during-pregnancyTalking about bodily functions, being intimate feels kinda different when you have a Braxton Hicks contractions every time you climax. You are among the lucky ones if that actually happens, though — lots of men are pretty scared of doing the deed with their pregnant partners. And the chances are that you won’t even be able to reach that area of your body, so a DIY job is probably out too.

Pregnancy is an awful lot of fun, as you can see. Mind you, we’ll have to admit that it’s all worth it, even if that pink cloud is lacking.


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