Stumble Saturdays – 21 Nightmare-Inducing Easter Bunnies Via



This one is of course an ode to the Easter holiday. These crazy photos are courtesy of another one of We Got Kidz’ favorite sites Whether you celebrate Easter or not, these Easter Bunny costumes will definitely amuse you… and some will even give you the creeps. Good luck erasing this from your memory. Smh. Start flipping through, and prepare to be entertained.

  • Acid Trip Bunny
  • PedoBunny
  • LMAO Bunny
  • I Think My Dad May Have Issues Bunny
  • I Could Be Wrong, But I Don't Think That's the Easter Bunny Bunny
  • Evil Porcelain Bunny
  • Don't Be Fooled by the Pink Bunny Bunny
  • Dandy Bunny
  • Creepy Vintage Bunny
  • Commuter Bunny
  • Slightly Aroused Bunny
  • Roller Buddy Bunny
  • Soul Stealing Bunny
  • That's No Easter Bunny Bunny
  • Super Acid Trip Bunny

Author: Kesha of We Got Kidz

Kesha Chisholm Phillips is currently a part time graphic artist and the full time writer and editor of and You'll find her all around the web sharing her parenting journey which includes everything from hilarious family videos to her refreshing takes on what it means to raise children today. Kesha currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her lovely husband and twins AJ and Jax.

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