I’m sure we all have photos with our moms that are an obvious throwback to the era we grew up in. Dated clothes, tall bangs, and plaid furniture can very easily turn a cherished photo into a hilarious gem. 

AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com is a site dedicated solely to the genre of collecting and displaying family photos of the embarassing and “awkward” variety. You can spend hours on their site looking at hilarious family photos.

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In honor of all of the wonderful moms out there who give of themselves daily to please their families, I’ve scoured Awkward Family Photos and collected the best of the best in “mommy and me” images. 

From overzealous dance moms to matching “mommy and me” fros – if any of these moms ever needed to do some blackmailing, they have plenty of ammunition.

Just like a man. Always ruining perfectly good photos by throwing pee in the mix.

This woman has taken the term "dance mom" to an entirely different level.

These crafty moms and their homemade jumpers. Smh. "Co-ordinate" (In my Mr. Jackson from Boomerang voice.)

Not sure why they thought that holding their mom like a freshly caught mackerel was a good idea for a photograph.

...Also not sure why they thought that taking their role-play Culligan Man fantasy and turning it into a family photo was a good idea either.

Whoever thought of the whole creepy floating head family photo idea should be shot.

When dance moms attack... In the 80's

When the "like mother like daughter" phrase becomes creepy.

I'm sorry. If I were these girl's mother I would've told them to lose the hair gel and eyeliner for me just this once. You can be goth again tomorrow.

These outfits just not a good idea - in any decade - in any zip code - ever... And what's up with the alien hand guns?

This one is my personal favorite. Matching fros and coke bottle glasses?.... LMBO! Classic. I'd always have this displayed in a frame somewhere in my house if this were me and my mom.

This one has me a little perplexed and slightly disturbed. Is that a pink bed sheet? And is that her son in the middle? Not sure what she was going for with this one, but if it was confusion, she has officially succeeded.

Where's "Mom-o"?!

Okay, this one is just plain gross. I don't know if this kid found the doctor's glove in the garbage can or what. Look at big brother's face though. lol. Classic. (Shame on you daddy for taking this picture. I'm sure you thought it was hilarious.)

This picture is awesome. Grandma said, 'I'll go on the ride... but get my hair wet?... Heck no!' lol!

To all of my mothers out there... Be sure to give yourself breaks when you can. If not... your family photos will come out like this. 🙂


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