I stumbled across this great post and remembered many an agony filled New Year’s Day where I had overdone it just a tad bit. I’m so glad those days are long gone; But to all those who still like to party harty like it’s 1999, here’s the proper way to drink the morning after. Bottoms up!… Responsibly of course. Happy New Year’s Eve my Peeps!

Drinking in the Morning After

The do’s and don’ts of imbibing in the a.m.

By Troy Patterson|Posted Friday, Dec. 30, 2011, at 7:03 AM ET

A bloody Mary.

The Bloody Mary: a breakfast drink that’s also breakfast.
Photo by William Clifford (williac).

Do use a clean glass. No guzzling from the bottle, either. Drinking at breakfast is a rare pleasure with a noble heritage, and you need to show some decorum. If self-respect is beyond you at the moment in question, then settle for showing some respect for the institution. Treat this as a special occasion and dress to impress—a feat easily accomplished by waking up in or near your tuxedo. At the very least, affix a boutonniere to the lapel of your bathrobe.

Don’t drink any leftover drinks unless there is theatrical value in it.

Don’t look back, don’t you ever look back. There is the suggestion, made with pernicious frequency, that what you want to drink—if you’ve had a big night and are badly hungover—is the hair of the same breed of dog that bit you. I respectfully disagree. For one thing, this approach draws rather too blurry a line between night’s ardors and morning’s glory. You need a change of pace. Further, if you are capable even of looking at a glass of whatever left you so badly hungover, then your hangover is not so bad, and you are not actually cut out for drinking at breakfast. To you I simply recommend shaking some bitters, preferably grapefruit, into your bicarbonate of soda, and playing Radiohead very loud. [Want to read the conclusion of this hilarious post? Click here —->]


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