From what I’ve see it seems like Celebrities are trying to be on their best behavior. They must have heard the We Got Kidz has been talking. He, he. I did, however, come across a positive person worth talking about.

I think we all expected this one. Predictable or not, I’m going to have to talk about the positive AND sexy (sorry fellas) return of T.I the King. In a previous post we mentioned Kat Williams and his continuous mishaps. Strike one: It’s OK, everyone makes mistakes. Strike two: Time to do better. Unlike strike out Kat Williams, T.I seems to have gotten the picture.

From what I can tell, T.I not only anticipated his release but he also anticipated change. He had to know to get back where he wanted to be and in a positive light, he needed to change his mindset. His family was where he started his focus. In his new T.V reality series The Family Hustle, you see a different side of T.I that he has never really portrayed before. You see him making choices that put his family first and putting his career and desires second.

In a recent interview on the Wendy Williams Show, Wendy goes in hard on T.I for his second stint with the law. With a composed and positive attitude, he responds by saying, “And life has gone on. Your mistakes are not indicative of your future.”…and given his actions thus far, T.I. is showing us that. Keep that positivity going King, and we happily crown you our Celebrity Role-Model of the Week.

Tune in next week for more celebrities you love… and love to hate.

Merry Christmas!


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