15 Apr 2015

Kids Grow Up Fast! Here are 15 Celebrity Kids Who Seemed to Have Grown up Over Night

  I’m convinced that, as a parent, if you blink, you’ll miss your kids growing up. I swear that yesterday my twin 4-year-olds came out of their room three inches taller sans all of their baby fat. It happens fast! They look like little… big kids! They’re no longer the

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10 Dec 2014

Family Movie Night – 14 Classic Christmas Films You’ve Got to See Every Year

  In all of the hustle and bustle that the holidays bring, it’s easy to forget to take a minute to truly take in the season and enjoy everything the holiday has to offer. Among other things, there’s fruit cake, candy canes, and most importantly… cheesy Christmas films to enjoy.

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Sodastream scarlett johansson
10 Jan 2014

SodaStream Makes Making Soda Sexy with a New Celebrity Endorser

*Affiliate link included. I just had a front row seat to a reception announcing SodaStream’s new celebrity partnership. (Well, I really just watched a live stream, but it really felt like I was there.) It’s the lovely Scarlett Johansson! Ms. Johansson will be the star of Sodastream’s much anticipated Super Bowl

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30 Dec 2013

The 10 Best Kid Commercials of 2013

  2013 is coming to a close. It was a year full of ubiquitous twerqing (thanks Miley!), faulty healthcare (poor Mr. President) – and most importantly – some pretty awesome commercials. We saw camels excited about Wednesdays and Jean Claude performing an epic split. Apple decided to inspire and Ron

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23 Sep 2013

Actor Terry Crews Gives Me the Best Marriage Advice EVER In an Awesome Interview

ith five kids, a 24-year marriage, and dozens of acting accolades under his belt, Terry Crews seems to be approaching the pinnacle of his acting career and personal life. If you check out his resume, you’d be impressed to find a wide array of projects. His versatility is absolutely amazing

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latest celebrity news
03 May 2013

Sad Days In Hip-Hop, Reeses Sucky Excuses, and Beyonce’s Bad Side | We Got Kidz Week In Entertainment

Check out the latest celebrity news that we’ve pinned to our cork board. Here you’ll find this week’s most notable gossip on celebrities you love… and love to hate. Kids talking about the latest celeb news? Get hip to what’s happening right here.  

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addicted to blogging
15 Oct 2012

“Hi My Name Is Kesha… and I’m A Mommy Blogger”

  This is how it starts… A friend of ours was doing some training for one of those money management insurance companies. The husband and I agreed to listen to one of her presentations. – Anything to help a friend. The gentleman that was leading her presentation asked me what

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celeb news 0404
04 Apr 2012

Unique Celebrity Photography by Martin Schoeller

I decided to vary a bit from my usual Wednesday celebrity posting filled with those scandalous celebs you love… and love to hate. I stumbled across what I believe to be a Russian (I hope I’m right) website dedicated to beautiful photography. I’m a graphic artist by trade so the

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iphone ap
22 Mar 2012

Five Annoying Smartphone Apps That Your Kids Will Probably Download

Most parents want the same thing for their kids. You want your children to be happy and carefree. You want them to have a normal childhood and be just like their friends. You just don’t want them to do the same things that their friends do, such as eat a

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celeb news 3
07 Mar 2012

Mike Epps and Bria, You BOTH Need A Good Shaking and Stephanie Decker, Moms Everywhere Salute You

Comedian Mike Epps recently had the tabloids abuzz after his 18 year old daughter Bria leaked a recent telephone conversation had between the two of them. In the conversation, Epps was caught repeatedly calling his daughter “the devil” and an “ungrateful bi*ch”. [Hear the entire conversation below.] It was painful

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the real housewives of disney
06 Mar 2012

Lindsay Lohan’s Saturday Night Live Performance Saved by This Sketch – “The Real Housewives of Disney”… Hilarious

I wouldn’t quite say that I’m a Lindsay Lohan fan, but I’ve always routed for her and hoped that she’d get over her little “rebellious” phase before she killed herself. Her attempt at a comeback was seen by millions on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. Having achieved for the

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