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24 Mar 2014

How My Blog Design Got Me on TV

“You see, it’s in the presentation. That’s the way she brought you here…on a garbage can lid…” I was a huge Cosby Show fan when I was little girl. Every Thursday night at 8:00, my family and I would get comfy in front of the television and watch Cliff and

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08 Aug 2013

What It Means to Be an African-American Blogger in a Predominantly White Niche: My Guest Post On Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Being a little brown dot in a sea of beige comes with some unexpected pressure and responsibility. Check out my guest post on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad where I explain why it’s necessary for me to acknowledge my race in this predominantly Caucasian world of mommy blogging. Read

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24 Jul 2013

We Got Kidz ‘Brilliant Blogger Broad’ of the Week: C. Lee of

his week’s “Brilliant Blogger Broad” is a mother of one, a self-proclaimed occasional hot mess, and a proud believer in the “helicopter” style of parenting. Her name is C. Lee [“sealy”]; and her blog,, is a fantastic reflection of her wonderfully unorthodox life. Quite aware of the many naysayers

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18 Jul 2013

We Got Kidz ‘Brilliant Blogger Broad’ of the Week: Janis of

his weeks “Brilliant Blogger Broad” is a coach’s wife, certified parent life coach, and well versed in all things that come with being a “sports parent”. Have a kid that plays sports? Janis is the one you need to talk to! She’ll help you and your child get the most

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09 Jul 2013

We Got Kidz Brilliant Blogger Broad of the Week: Angela of

They make us laugh. They make us cry. They make us say, “Thank goodness I’m not the only one.” – They’re mommy bloggers. And in a world where it’s easy to feel like you’re alone, these wonderful women remind us that we’re all connected and in this parenting thing together

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