Cool mom
03 Sep 2014

How to Be a Cool Parent (While Still Being a Good One): 4 Tips

  We all want to be the best possible parents we can be. We want to implement structure without stifling their decision making. We want to be an excellent example of an adult to our children while at the same time wanting them to think we are halfway “cool.” How in the

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05 Aug 2014

The Discipline Issue: 5 Ways to Introduce Positive Discipline to Your Child

  A hilarious contributed piece by Gareth Cartman Here’s a problem, and feel free to contribute with your suggestions in the comments below, please. My two-year-old daughter thinks discipline is funny. Perhaps I’m not doing it right. Perhaps I’m cracking too easily and letting her off. Either way, when I

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01 Aug 2014

The Right Way to Take Care of Your Child’s Hair While it’s In Braids or Twists: 4 Tips

First, let’s talk about protective styles and what exactly qualifies as one. If you or your child has natural hair, a protective style can be your very best friend. Any style that keeps the hair’s ends secure, and can be left in for a week or longer with very little

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16 Jul 2014

Cell Etiquette 101: 8 Tips You Should Share with Your Teen

  Back in 2012 one astute momma by the name of Janell decided that it was time to get her 13-year-old son his very first cellphone. Receiving a first phone has become a rite of passage for teens of today; but often teens don’t realize the responsibility that comes along

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african-american-baby-hair 2
30 May 2014

A Beginners Guide to Growing an African American Child’s Hair – Pt. 2: Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

After I wrote my third article on how to take care of an African American baby’s hair, I began to get inundated with questions regarding everything from whether or not my child sleeps on a satin pillowcase (she does) to what types of shampoos to use. But the main question

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19 May 2014

The Art of Packing the Perfect Diaper Bag

If you’re a new mom, or even a part time child care provider, you know that packing a diaper bag for a baby is an art form. Extreme organization skills and a touch of OCD and ESP are necessary to create the perfect balance of absolute essentials and “just in

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24 Apr 2014

10 Full-proof Tips that Will Help You Prepare Your Kid for Kindergarten

  If you’ve got preschoolers at home like I do, the fact that you don’t have much longer to be with your little ones may be looming in the back of your mind. (They grow up so fast! *tear.) It may be scary to think of the littlest members of

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06 Apr 2014

Here’s One Small Thing that You Can do Every Day to Increase your Child’s Self-esteem

  My twins appreciated the concept of eating together as a family very early on. I remember them being only a year or two old pointing their little chubby fingers at an empty seat in front of them, attempting to get my husband and I to sit down with them

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