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28 Mar 2012

Tyson Beckford Has A Nasty Case of the “Egos” and Nene Is Making the Most of Her 15 Minutes

  I guess “narcissistic” and “egotistical” are actually true words that can be used to define some supermodels. Tyson Beckford recently shared his thoughts to London’s Evening Standard magazine on what he knows best: the fashion industry; but he took things a step further when discussing his gorgeous Victoria’s Secret

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21 Mar 2012

Susanne Eman Wants To Make Morbid Obesity the New Black and You’re Lying If You Don’t Absolutely Love Mrs. Obama

DISCLAIMER: For the record, I have nothing against people who may be struggling with their weight, or people who simply like to be “large and in charge” for that matter… but there’s something wrong with this picture… Susanne Eman, the woman who’s attempting to become the world’s fattest person (her

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07 Mar 2012

Mike Epps and Bria, You BOTH Need A Good Shaking and Stephanie Decker, Moms Everywhere Salute You

Comedian Mike Epps recently had the tabloids abuzz after his 18 year old daughter Bria leaked a recent telephone conversation had between the two of them. In the conversation, Epps was caught repeatedly calling his daughter “the devil” and an “ungrateful bi*ch”. [Hear the entire conversation below.] It was painful

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29 Feb 2012

Jill Scott’s Voice Isn’t the Only Thing About Her That’s Super Sweet and Tyra Banks Inspires We Got Kidz to Keep Things Positive

Okay so I knew that Nicki Minaj and unique artists like her have die hard fans. She has her “Barbz”, Lady Gaga has her “Monsters”, but I had no clue that they could be so damn sensitive. We all remember Nicki’s questionable performance at this year’s Grammys. We’ve seen it,

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22 Feb 2012

ESPN Might As Well Have Let the “N” Word Fly and Heidi and Seal… You’re Still Aces In Our Book

Universally, there are certain words that you just don’t use to describe a particular nationality of people. I think I learned most of these “no-no” words back in elementary school. We all know them… or at least I thought we did. It would appear that ESPN didn’t get that memo.

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15 Feb 2012

Nicki Manaj Truly Needs To Exorcise Her Demons and Chaka Khan Keeps It Real

This was a crazy weekend in the music industry. From fallen icons to Nicki Minaj dressed as Little Red Riding Hood being escorted by the Pope. Yes, you read that correctly. *straight face You expect certain celebrities to go right for the jugular and hit you with some sort of

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